Saturday, August 16, 2014

the fair

So we're back home and back at the business in hand.   Cleaning, sorting, tossing (no, we're still not done) is making me crabby.    I think I should be crabby more often because people are being real nice to me...perhaps they're afraid I'll snap and start swinging at them.

Cindy P came over on Thursday and invited us to join them for a dinner out.  What a lovely break in the action that was.    Her mother, who has been a friend of mine for more years than I care to remember, even joined us.   That event was even more special in light of her recent poor health.

Yesterday Dave suggested we take the day off and go to the Erie County Fair.   We used to go every year when we were young lived nearby (the Fair is held in Hamburg, New York, south of Buffalo).   Plenty of courting took place at the Erie County Fair!     It was a nice, albeit cool, day and the Fair sounded like a wonderful way to while away some time,  so off we went.    Dave chose a scenic, back roads route which added to the adventure of the day.  This really is a beautiful part of the country.

The Erie County Fair (or Hamburg Fair as we used to call it) is a pretty big fair, but smaller and much more manageable than the huge New York State Fair held in the next few weeks.   We always enjoy walking through the animal barns, checking out what the little 4H'er's have created, watch a few amateur horse shows, walk around the tractor displays, smell and comment on the displays of award winning hays/forages and eat lots of very good, but very bad food.   You'll see no pictures of the midway here.   We don't go to the fair for the rides or the Carny's banter.   Its too loud and too busy for us, we much prefer the animals....

Dave got a few new grooming ideas from this guy - watch out Lewis!

this girl is a Lineback - an heirloom breed

these little ones take their jobs seriously

Oh no you don't, I just cleaned this stall!

little boys and their toys.....

...and big boys toys

steam tractor

this Calliope was pulled by a team of Percheron horses

Of course you didn't think you'd get away without seeing any horse pictures now did you?

a champion Friesan stallion

its a big job to harness these huge Belgians

this big girl's name was Sasha Marie

I think our big Sasha Marie is prettier, don't you?


  1. Absolutely! She definitely wins the blue prize. What a sweetie.

    Glad that you had a "day off." You guys both deserved it!

  2. I've always been fascinated by the animal part of the fair...having grown up a city girl myself, that's all pretty foreign to me. THat shot of the woman catching the poop in a bucket is too funny!

    Yes, your Sasha is a sweetie and quite photogenic!

  3. So sorry that Beluga had to leave the lake. I'm sure
    it was really hard driving away in Beluga only to go a few miles. You deserve to be crabby.

    Sounds like a great day at the fair. I love all the animals. But I don't care if she just cleaned the stall or not, that was gross.

    Your Sasha Marie is much prettier:)

    And, yes, tell Dave John loved his comment.

  4. I can smell the fairgrounds in your photos - great memories of all the animals and the kids who raised them! Love the boys and toys....and of course fried food on a stick (how the heck do they keep mashed taters on a stick?) is a big part of any fair day :-). How smart of Dave to "redirect your energy"..........and a bonus for us to share all the fun of a day of play. Although the imposter is quite lovely, the real Sasha Marie is most beautiful.