Saturday, August 30, 2014

Good Things

Yesterday was a good day.   Our builder broke ground on the lake cottage.  

Dave talks with the builder

Please be careful of my beautiful Copper Beech sir.....

Its a mess over there, I'll miss second cup/cocktail hour beside the water but they'll finish quickly I'm told.   Its just a tiny place.    Stay tuned!

Last night we had dear friends Barb and Bob over for dinner.   It was such a lovely night, warm and clear.   We were able to eat our dinner outside on the farm's patio and then, as the evening cooled, we enjoyed Barb's peach cobbler in front of a roaring fire in the chiminea.   Dave outdid himself and it was a blazing hot fire.    Barb just loved it but we were expecting her toe nail polish to burst into flame at any moment!   

One last good thing happened yesterday.    A really good frustrating health insurance snafu was finally resolved and I am now fully  insured.    Let me tell you, its a frightening thing to find oneself without any insurance, and really frightening to be told (at every turn) there was nothing anyone could do to help me.      Long story short, all my formal complaints to NYS finally convinced the insurer to re-consider and re-instate me retroactively - WHEW!

It was a good day.


  1. How exciting to break ground! Can't wait to see what you end up with in that lovely space.

    Kudos to you for persistence and getting your health insurance back!

  2. Oh, no, there is machinery parked in our spot!! They sure are messing things up:) Can't wait to see the cottage get started.

    What a beautiful picture of your porch with the sunset:)

    Glad your health insurance is all worked out...scary indeed!!

  3. Exciting times on the new house! And very, very happy your insurance got sorted out. Nothing more stressful than that.

  4. Have your realtor use that porch photo on their property descriptions for the farm! Seriously, who wouldn't want to live THERE?! I always hate the destruction that seems necessary for all construction - but hopefully it will all be covered over with cottage-wonderfulness very soon. So you're emailing them that photo right now - right??

  5. Breaking ground--how exciting! It sounds like they will finish before the snow flies? I love the porch photo too--Jodee has a good idea about featuring it on your property listing.

    So glad your insurance issue is resolved. It pays to be persistent but sometimes it seems easier to just let things ride.