Monday, August 11, 2014

Last Boulder post - Chihuly

We'd saved the Denver Botanic Garden's exhibit of Dale Chihuly's fabulous art glass for our last day.     It was something we all were really looking forward to, and it was almost a mistake.....

  We left Jesse's house with blue skies overhead, but a black cloud gathering over downtown Denver had us worried.

We drove on, Jesse assured us that these storms boil up, rage for a bit, then move on over the plains.    It started to rain, very hard.   Then the hail and wind came.   Water on the road splashed up over the hood as we drove into the storm.

Luckily, people drove slowly and left plenty of room for error.   It will blow over soon, we'll be in blue sky soon he tells us.......

We wondered how the large, fragile glass pieces in the Gardens would fair in the hail.

We finally gave up, ducked into IKEA's large, dry covered parking area and went up into the store to eat some of their famous meatballs while we waited for the deluge to end.    It was lunch time after all and what better place to watch the storm rage and move away than sitting in the huge glass windows of the restaurant, high and dry, filling our faces.

Jesse was right, it did move away and we finally made it to the Gardens around 2:30, glorious blue sky overhead.       Only one bad thing, they were closing early - 3:00 to be exact  - because of a special function.     Could we see most of the exhibit in half an hour?    Not optimal, but you bet we could!

So, here are my very hurried impressions of Chihuly's spectacular pieces.   They seemed to actually grow and float in their beautiful garden setting.

To quote Ingrid, "you can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many pictures", right?

Oh you've got Jesse doing it!

bees are easily confused.....

get a room!

So....that's what we saw in our whirlwind tour.     Not the best way to really enjoy the exhibit, but I'm so glad we were able to spend even a little time immersed in Chihuly's playful and colorful imagination.

We'll be spending most of the spring and summer in Colorado next year, so we both look forward to a more leisurely visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens.    From what little I could see as I flew through, they deserve their own time.   Here are a couple shots of some non-glass foliage that caught my eye.

And, sweet Erin whispering secrets to her red-headed girlfriend........

It was wonderful getting to spend some quality time with Jesse and Erin.   Thanks you two, for making us feel so "at home" in your new home.


  1. You may have only had a little time but boy did you do an outstanding job with the photos! Maybe the exhibit will still be there next summer so I can see it! There is a Chihuly Museum in downtown St. Pete's, FL right within all the neat restaurants. There is a nice glass sculpture on the street. I did want to visit the museum but it didn't work out. Thanks for including so many them!!! The bee is great. Love your caption. You sure picked up a few strange guys along the way:)

  2. Even though it was fast I can see it was so worth it! That is an exhibit I most definitely want to see some day. At least I can experience it vicariously through you!

  3. Snapping away during a short visit and all of them came out great! I got introduced to Chihuly while in Tacoma at the Glass Museum. Fascinating and exquisite glass work.

  4. SPECTACULAR display! Thanks so much for creating these wonderful images for the rest of us to view, admire and feel amazed. Such delicacy and reality and imagination.

  5. There aren't enough adjectives for those pictures. I love his work, and getting to see so many pieces....thank you!! The bee is most excellent :-))).

    Lovely and sweet photo of Erin. Aren't wonderful daughter-in-laws such a special blessing?