Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thursday night, cruise night - Friday, work day

Thursday night we drove down to the Charcoal Corral's Super Cruise Night.    We took John and Pam there earlier in the summer for "dinner" and a small sampling of the local hot rods and classic cars regularly displayed on Thursday nights.

The Corral is a great summer evening's entertainment for families in the area.   There is a restaurant serving everything that can be cooked on charcoal, hots, burgers, chicken, bologna and onions, etc., a pizza parlor serving knock-out pizza, and an old fashioned ice cream parlor.
Outside is a very nice miniature golf course and, for later in the evening, a two screen first run drive-in movie theater.

 Thursday nights in the summer folks drive their restored hot rods and classic cars to the Corral and park them on the expansive lawn for folks to oggle.    Twice a year, however, its Super Cruise Night and the lawns and surrounding farm fields are filled to capacity with cars, trucks and campers of all ages and conditions.

We've been to lots of car shows, an exclusive and very high end one in Palm Springs, a really colorful street rod show outside Las Vegas, etc., but this one is different.   There were probably 300-400 cars in more or less neat rows and lots of people of all kinds wandering around.  

the cars spilled over into the drive in

Kids competed in chicken dance competitions, "how low can you go" limbo contests and even got prizes for the silliest dances they could come up with.   People spilled out of the restaurant eating everything from slices of gooey pizza and huge ice cream cones to bbq chicken dinners and hot dogs.   Everyone enjoying a beautiful summer evening smack in middle of acres of corn and farm fields.

chicken dance competition

The cars on display ranged from carefully restored  pristine rods through brand new street cars to old rusty works in progress.    One man's trash is another man's treasure I suppose.

a 32 ford with an attitude

61  chevy impala "bubble top"

beautifully detailed 68 camaro engine compartment

a not so beautiful DeSoto

87 grand national
(don't ask Dave how the tire tracks on our garage floor got there - hint, he had one of these cars and he occasionally enjoyed its power off the line...)

a fairly rare 60's hood tach (ometer)

low rider truck and trailer!

lovingly painted 34 ford 3 window coupe

thunder clouds building

Towards the end of the evening, people gathered along the shoulder of the road, waiting for these cars to show their stuff as they left the show.   They were  rewarded with a few rather spectacular
burn outs.   The local police looked the other way, with smiles on their faces.....

We're expecting our builder to arrive later this week to begin work on our little cottage on the lake.  In preparation we placed a call to the legendary Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Service, recently purchased by Mr. David's Lawnmowing and Tree Trimming Group.   They were able to send someone over on Friday to trim and remove whatever foliage and trees were necessary for the coming excavators .
corner stakes

He did a stellar job, filling his black trailer with wood a number of times.   I'm looking forward to a great campfire with what he couldn't take to the landfill.   S'mores anyone?


  1. I loved that place. Great broasted chicken...yum!! Looks like just a few more cars than our night. Glad you had a fun evening.

    Mr. David's service did a wonderful job:)

  2. A car show that Steve would linger on for hours!

  3. Bologna and onions? That's a new one on me...perhaps it's an east coast thing?

    That low rider trailer was pretty funny, it might not have a bottom left on it after one tow!

  4. Love seeing all the cars - even the still-rusted ones are awesome. Ol' Henry Ford could not have predicted the variety of offspring his little Model A would spawn!! I would appreciate the ground level entrance on that trailer :-). How exciting (and daunting) to be starting on the cottage. Having a place to move your treasures when the house sells (soon!) will feel good I think.

  5. Good old fashioned Americana - love it. Hope you get that insurance thing resolved. Can't think of anything more infuriating. We meet Jesse and Erin Friday :-)