Sunday, May 10, 2015


Friday morning we attended Jesse's induction into the International Business Honor Society, Beta Gamma Sigma.   Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is "the highesr recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive...".      We couldnt't be prouder of our son and his hard work and committment.    (Thanks for indulging me in a bit of parental bragging).

The campus of CU was a mad house.    It was still raining hard, kids and parents were taking every available parking spot trying to jam their dorm room treasures into family cars and head home for the summer.   Deep puddles and mud everywhere.     Add in graduates in soggy caps and gowns hurrying to various ceremonies and you get a picture of our Friday.     After Jesse's calm and inspiring ceremony Erin headed back to work and Dave, Jesse and I set out for a yummy empanada lunch.    

Saturday was the graduation itself.    Erin's mom and other of her relatives were coming down from Wyoming to share Jesse's big day but last minute weather warning between there and here kept them in Wyoming.     It turns out it was a wise decision, but we missed them.         Flash flood watches, areal flood warnings flashed all over the tv screen and the radar justified these predictions.     Since we were going to be in Boulder for a very long day and given the worrysome potential weather, we decided to pack up the dogs, some necessary belongings and leave them all at Jesse's house just in case.   We battened down the hatches in Beluga and hoped for the best.

The campus had calmed down a bit and parking was much easier.     We tossed fashion aside and donned our llbean raincoats and more hardy shoes so walking around in the driving rain was slightly less uncomfortable.      Graduation was in a beautiful aud.....I'd love to show you, sorry, maybe later.
Pomp and circumstance, speeches, cheers, giving of flowers, the walk across the stage, the giving of diplomas,  the giddy recessional and we were off to the MBA reception.     We met friends and heard some lovely things about our son from his professors and advisors.

Back at Jesse and Erin's, we fed and cared for the dogs, donned an additional layer of clothes and went back into Boulder for a fantastic dinner at my new favorite restaurant, Brasserie ten ten.
While we laughed and ate and reminisced the rain got thicker and turned to snow.    Yep, snow.    By the time we were ready to leave it looked more like Christmas than mother's day eve.

It took us quite a while to get back to Beluga once we picked up the dogs and their "luggage" from Jesse and Erin's.       Snow plows were just beginning to move around by the time we arrived in Golden.     We left Beluga worrying about floods and arrived home with winter storm warnings and frozen hoses, sheesh!


  1. Oh dear. What a couple of crazy weather days. So glad the graduation was a wonderful event. Congratulations to Jesse!

  2. So good to hear that graduation and ceremonies were able to happen before the weather caused anything to be cancelled. It doesn't snow at anyone's graduation!!! How crazy is this weather! You brag all you want. You both should be very proud and we're so glad you shared with us. Good you were able to get home safely:) Sorry to hear your hose froze.

    As I mentioned to Rick on FB, this our punishment for the extra warm winter we had out west. But you already had your punishment by spending the winter in NY!! You deserve some warm, dry weather:) Thanks goodness our snow has only been flurries. Hang in there, it has to get warm soon:)

  3. Eegads....rain and snow!!! It does make me feel a little kinder about NY. Glad you st as ted safe. Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Sounds like a crazy, but good, day closing out one chapter of Jesse's life in a very, very good way!

    I wonder when spring will arrive in Colorado????

  5. You painted a great picture of the Friday night parking lot, made me laugh (in a very sympathetic way of course). You and Jesse should be proud - quite the achievement! We're headed to Tahoe at the end of the week for a wedding. They're expecting four days of rain including thunder storms on the wedding day - good thing they moved the venue from the beach a couple weeks ago. It was in the 80's in February!

  6. Congrats to your son and you are allowed parental bragging! Glad all are also safe and sound - crazy nasty weather in so many spots. Stay safe!