Friday, May 29, 2015

we're having a beery good time

Wednesday evening Jesse, Erin, Dave and I went to Boulder for dinner at the Bohemian Biergarten.     It  reminded us of the beer halls in Munich.  We sat at a communal trestle type table and ordered beers and dinner of sausages, spaetzle, potato pancakes and jagerschnitzel.    The food was authentic and really good, I loved, loved my beer choice (Konig Ludwig Weissbier Dunkel).

Thursday, while poor Erin worked, Jesse, Dave and I went to Chautauqua, Boulder to try out their food, we're thinking of holding our welcome party there in September.   Our choices were very good and they definitely passed muster.  It was a lovely day and we were able to sit outside on the wide porch and enjoy the view.

generations of initials carved into
the porch posts

After lunch we walked over to the start of a trail across a broad meadow and up into the slabs to take a few pictures.    This is a very popular and iconic hike.    I'm sure you've seen a similar picture many times in connection with Boulder.

A sunny day gives lots of people the same idea....

We had some time before we had to head back home so Jesse suggested a drive up Flagstaff Road for some more beautiful views.    Back and forth, back and forth, up we went around I don't know how many tight switch backs.   He was right, it was a great drive.   We parked and got out a few times, one spot was an overlook above the Gross Reservoir.   It was windy and cool and each little gust brought a wonderful aroma of pine.

On the way back down we made another stop and walked a short way through the woods to a view point where we could really see how high we were.

And we realized how really high the snow covered "big boys" in the distance must be.   Dave and Jesse stood at the edge, I stayed a comfortable distance away.

We look out, the distances and hugeness of it all draws us but I always like to look at the smaller details that are right under my feet.

We dropped Jesse off and hot footed it home because we had a date with 8 of our RV friends at a new brew pub in Wheat Ridge.  Its not often that there are this many of us in the same place at the same time so we were really looking forward to the evening.  Traffic, traffic, traffic.... we were late, only a few minutes late.
Everyone else was already there and had made their beer choices.    I'm not really a beer drinker but I know a few brands that I enjoy.     None of them were on this extensive list of course, Lisa, MonaLiza and Pam let me taste theirs but I ended up going with the server's suggestion.    It was a mistake, I really really didn't like it but was very happy with my second choice - red wine!   The meal was good, the company great.    We haven't seen most of these people for at least a year and it was like old home week for us all.     Ten people, linked by our shared love of rv'ing and travel, gabbing and laughing non-stop like we'd always known each other - fantastic!

everyone (except me) had their cameras...
This shot was from MonaLiza, thanks for sharing.

This morning  (Friday) Jesse came down and joined MonaLiza, Steve, Pam and John at the Coors Brewery Tour in Golden.    It was supposed to rain all day so we thought an inside activity would be in order.    Ha! Today it never rained a drop....Actually, I lied.   It is raining as I type this.

Whats so funny?

The tour was free, we were provided with an audio system that we used as we passed through exhibits and into the production facility.   It made for a curiously anti social tour, we learned things about beer brewing, but we walked along silently, moving from one place to the other, hands to our ears,  without any personal interaction, a peculiar sight.

As you might expect,  the tour ended in the tasting room.   We were each allowed three (THREE) 10 oz. glasses of beer!   We all only enjoyed one, I can't imagine drinking three glasses of beer and then getting in our car and driving home!    I wonder of the Golden Police Dept. has a cruiser at the exit of the parking lot, issuing tickets and padding the city's coffers with DUI money!

Lunch at a small family Mexican restaurant rounded out our day and afterward we all went our separate ways with plans to meet again during next week.

This is the life.


  1. My goodness, you'd think you were a beer lover with all that beer drinking you've been doing! ;-)

    I was cracking up reading your description (and seeing the photos) of the oddly silent brewery tour! Too funny!

    It was so good to see you and Dave once again. Who knows when our paths will cross again, but it's easy to stay in touch!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am the shortest in the group! We were all very attentive despite the antisocial Coors tour.

  3. What fun y'all are having. I see the famous photo of y'all and the back of your head...your signature shot. hehe

    Most places give a tiny little taste. I can't image three 10 oz. beers. It would take me all day to drink them.

  4. What a treat to find real German food! They really weren't thinking when they named that reservoir - not exactly a draw :-) Great pic of Jesse and Dave. Love the little details ones too. So fun to see all those faces together, I'm sure the tour was the only quiet part of that reunion :-) 30 oz of beer is hardly a "tasting"....sounds more like they were trying to get rid of it :-(