Thursday, May 14, 2015


Warmish, dryish, then wetish.    Another day on the front range.    We stayed in until after lunch then headed southwest on another auto hike to no where in particular.     UPS delivered my laptop this morning right on time, so now I'm a happy camper, despite the wind driven rain.

Its good to read with a friend on a rainy day

Yes, there are mountains above that low ceiling

Erin and Jesse after the Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony

snow in Beluga's window

thawing the frozen water hose and filter
Dave, Erin and Ruby enjoy mother's day
happy hour in front of the fireplace
mural in Lyons
the road we take to Jesse and Erin's house
Enough pictures for now.


  1. I knew there was a special photo as soon as John opened your post because he started to laugh. Could Lewis get any closer:) I do believe he wants to sit on dad's lap!! Lew is just too cute:)

    The drive to Jesse's house is beautiful. While the snow isn't pleasant for us, it sure does make the mountains gorgeous.

    So glad you got your computer back! Photos again!!!

  2. Nice to have your photos back! Though I certainly enjoy your commentary... ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh...I didn't know you were in so much snow. Brrrr.

    Congratulations to Jesse and Erin.

  4. Welcome to weather in Colorado ;-)

  5. The pictures were all heavenly except that one with the snow...that one gave me the creeps. Like we just can't get away from it, maybe preying on new Yorkers all over the country, following them from state to state, creeping into their lives, and surprising them with fierce cold blowing snow. Yikes. I'm going to mexico.

  6. Oh that road view is awesome - the snow view not so much. So sorry for the cold for sure - rain is enough this time of year! I love the poodle pose though - exactly what Epic would look like (just shorter).