Friday, May 22, 2015


Our son found us some sun today.     What a wonderful son he is!    Our spirits have been lifted, we now have hope that our old friend the sun is indeed still in the sky, above those heavy, gray clouds.

The three of us had a large lunch at T/aco in Boulder this afternoon.   The restaurant's name is pronounced "Tea Aco", and all they serve are tacos (and margaritas, I only had a tiny little one),  But what tacos they serve!   We had more than our share today because the kitchen made a mistake on our order, bringing out some of the varieties we ordered, and a number that we didn't.    When we explained the problem to the host, he quickly brought out the missing items and told us to enjoy the un-ordered tacos on the house.    So.....we all had more than we should have eaten.   More than we "should" have eaten.....but not more than we could eat.   burp

After lunch we walked around a bit, checking out other venues for The Wedding stuff and, since it was still a bit drizzly, Jesse suggested we take an auto hike up into the mountains.    Since he was driving and it was warm and dry in his car, we readily agreed.

We drove north through Lyons, and took Lee Hill Road toward Ward.    I can't remember the trail head we stopped at to take these pictures, but I know it was a
little over 10,000 feet and it was brilliantly sunny.   The snow on the peaks looks a bit fuzzy, but it was the result of strong winds blowing the snow around.

I was in the back seat, without gazetteer or camera, so I'm not really sure the route we took or what we were seeing.   Jesse told us, I'm sure he did, but I was really busy just looking at the awesome scenery and trying to figure out how to use his phone to take these pictures for you.    He is in possession of a rather unflattering video I mistakenly took of me trying to get the phone to move from video mode to camera mode.    I may or may not have uttered a few unladylike words in the process.

near the Moffitt Tunnel 

We all were very cheerful, almost giddy.    After being cooped up for many days, hostage to the rain and other necessary duties, it was glorious to be out in the sun under blue sky going where the mood took us.      Dave sat in the front seat fairly beaming in the warm sun and crisp, warmish air!

Boulder Creek
We passed some really interesting gate posts at the entrance to a ranch road.  Wouldn't they look great at the end of the cottage's driveway?

All good things must come to an end, I'm afraid.   As we made our way down the mountain, heading home, we drove through the clouds.    Once under them it was back to cold, grey rain.  

pay no attention to that cracked windshield,
this is Colorado after all!

Ah well.   After such a lovely day our batteries are recharged and we look forward to more sunny days and more happy times with our only child and his beautiful bride to be.


  1. This weather is so UN-Colorado like and it's getting rather old. At least you have special people to hang out with. Stay warm!

  2. always nice to see a little sunshine... especially this year!

  3. The wet weather is a real pain but I must say that it does make the mountains gorgeous. Your blue sky and the white snow make a beautiful combination:) Good to check and make sure the sun is still there:) Glad you had a sunshine filled day to forget what is below with Jesse:) Yes, those posts would look wonderful at the end of the cottage drive!

  4. Looks like you mastered the phone camera - I have several of "those" videos on mine :-) Who would have thought that upside-down trees would make such beautiful gate posts? Certainly you can pull some out at the cottage! While not cold or wet, we haven't seen much sun in SoCal the last couple weeks either - a weird May for sure.

  5. I love the posts! You need those for the cottage. Isn't the weather just weird?