Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Don't ask about the weather Saturday and Sunday and I won't tell you.

When we're on the road we try to keep our holiday celebrations very low key.   On holiday weekends, campgrounds are usually full of working people trying to enjoy their hard earned time off and we like to stay out of their way.    Everyday is a holiday to us now!

Sunday Erin made a delish dinner for us and we had a good visit with them while watching a full day of auto racing on tv.    Doesn't sound exciting, but it was a very enjoyable day....small pleasures.

Today the sun chose to shine and the temps warmed up to a very pleasant 65 for a short time.    We were able to enjoy second cup outside and that always lifts our spirits and makes all of us happy.   Before having an early dinner with our friends MonaLiza and Steve of, we had to return a Redbox rental.  Steve has been in the park for a bit, taking care of some normal maintenance on their motorhome and MonaLiza has just returned from the Philippines (I think she endured 36 hours of travel time).    She was visiting her family on the happy occasion of her mother's 97th birthday.

 On our way back to Beluga we turned into a beautiful cemetery that was lined with large American flags.

It was still and green, the only sounds were the snapping flags and birdsong.  We found ourselves driving slowly around, looking at the headstones and flowers and pictures carved in stone or taped on granite and reflecting on other times and other cemeteries.

Our early dinner with the Lowes' seemed to fly by.    We haven't seen them since last year in Florida so while we ate a good and filling meal at Wrigley's next door, we talked and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Our clear (ish) skies darkened in the early evening and we watched  dark stormy skies stream over our heads.   Lightning, wind and a little rain....rainbows and wild clouds, it was quite the show.   We don't have the wide open views that Lisa, of, has down in Chatfield State Park.   She posted a fantastic picture of those very clouds on Facebook tonight.   Every time I tried to run out for a shot of the skies, they opened and I guess I'm just not devoted enough to stand in the rain....


  1. So glad you got to visit with MonaLiza and Steve!! It has been a long time since we've all seen each other.

    We had a beautiful day today with similar temps. Luckily, we haven't seen any rain...yet!! Little pleasures! We haven't had any rainbows:( Your rainbows are great!

    See you tomorrow!!

  2. Oooooh you saw a rainbow both days! We only saw the Sunday double rainbow. Fortunately we only got the edge of that monster mass of clouds that came through yesterday sure was neat to watch!

  3. Lovely rainbows. We continue to be teased with clouds and reports of rain to the north and east of us.......but alas not a drop here. I suppose it may wait 'til our loading day next week :-) The flags are lovely, seems like the perfect place to honor the day.

  4. It has been over a year indeed since we last saw each other! But how time flies, here we are again and neighbors at best! It was great to see you and David, and if we are lucky we can have a happy hour if these weather here improves :(
    Im glad the thunderstorms has passed and we can go to sleep peacefully tonight.