Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day after Christmas

Jesse and Erin arrived around 5 on Christmas Eve.   It was cold but clear evening and, after a quick soup supper,  we all enjoyed our stroll along Canyon Road.    The annual Christmas Eve Farolito Walk brought thousands of people to the gallery lined street.   Most every establishment had small paper bags filled with a bit of sand and a single lit candle, called either luminarias or farolitos, on their roof tops and along their walkways.   The effect was beautiful.   Others had bonfires (large and small) in their driveways or even on the edge of the road where we could stop, warm our hands, drink some hot apple cider or cocoa and perhaps sing familiar Christmas carols.    Some of the art galleries were open for a little last minute shopping.

I didn't take my camera so as to be "in the moment" and not tempted to document the evening.    You'll have to take my word that it was a special event for us all.

Christmas day was so sunny and nice we took another long walk into the Plaza, did a bit of window shopping and enjoyed a delicious, al fresco lunch from a fajita truck on the Plaza.

caught in an embarrassing food moment.....

Oh Dave....

tree of rosaries outside Loretto Chapel

On our way back to Casa Escondido we took a little detour to see the Canyon Road sights in the light of day.

vine of glass morning glories

Jesse communes with "Truffles" the pig

Back at our little casita we made preparations for our "traditional" meal of manicotti.

driveway entrance to Casa Escondido lined with

one of my favorite sculptures in our courtyard

cooking with wine

concentration required

I took no pictures at dinner, sacred family time to me.    Its so lovely to have Jesse and Erin here with us.

After dinner we retired to the fire warmed living room to open our presents.


  1. I think you must be in the most perfect spot for Christmas. Every minute sounds absolutely perfect. After the food moment, you can't really blame Dave :-) Love the glass morning glories - garden art something I miss from the S&B. Happy New Year to all of you.

  2. What a very wonderful tradition to light Canyon Road. I went to Google images and there are so many beautiful photos of the evening celebration. I can't imagine trying to light the hundred bags that cover a large house up to the roof!

    What a beautiful walk Christmas Day. The Plaza looks so different without all the jewelry sellers on the ground. The Morning Glory glass vine is gorgeous. Great candid shots:)

    The living room fireplace looks so cozy and warm:) Lewis is making sure his best buddy doesn't get away:) Glad you four are having a memorable holiday:) Stay warm. Hope you don't too much snow!

  3. What a beautiful Christmas you and your family had. It's all so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such a cozy and fun day of celebration! Seeing your photos and reading your blog, now I'm certain that I want to spend Christmas in Santa Fe one of these years. Love that town -- thanks so much for sharing your holiday with us. May the joy continue!

  5. How wonderful to spend Christmas in a new place with lovely art and beauty all around you!

    Merry Christmas to you all!