Sunday, December 6, 2015

Friday's Wind Caves

After a quick 9 holes of golf, the last hike of our Borrego Springs visit was to the Wind Caves.    Once again Pam and John took us to a fascinating part of the State Park for a short but steep hike up to an fantastic area of wind eroded pocket formations.

The drive through Split Mountain wash would have been excursion enough.   The sandy wash was fairly wide, sometimes smooth, sometimes rocky and rough.   The walls on either side seemed to be different at every turn.  

Pam's book tells us that his formation is an anticline

We came to the end, parked, and followed a rocky trail up the mountain to our destination, the wind caves.

two rare red backed mountain goats watched us from atop

We climbed up over, down under and all around the caves.   I half expected to walk in on Fred and Wilma putting little Pebbles to bed or meeting Barney on his way home from the Slate Rock and Gravel Company quarry.

peek a boo

The wind came up and it started to get quite chilly up at the top so we headed back to the jeep and home.

they wait for me

There was no rain in the forecast, but the sky was very dark as we drove out of the canyon and back to our campground.

The setting sun and the forming clouds gave us a beautiful sunset to end another fun day.


  1. I've been to the wind caves many, many years ago! Fun! Love your Flintstones vision!

  2. What a fun hike! And how lucky to see the rare red-backs in the wild :-) Perfect pic of Dave looking out of the cave.

  3. Those caves look like super fun exploration! Thanks for sharing them with us (and the rare wildlife - haha)

  4. I can't believe we've never made it to the wind caves in our explorations of Anza Borrego. We really must remedy that! How cool that you guys are doing so much hiking together!