Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday, let the packing begin!

Yesterday morning we met Cindy P, Walter and their daughter Geneva at Benson's Horseshoe Cafe.    

steaks & spirits - not to mention
delicious waffles and eggs benedict!

They drove over from Tucson ostensibly to have breakfast with us, but I know the trip was really made to pick up the Julian Pie I had for them.    We forgot to hand the pie off to them the other day when they visited us at Catalina State Park and it must have been weighing on Cindy's mind.....she's such a sweet face.

sweet face Cindy P!

Whatever the reason it was great to see them and Geneva again over a yummy meal.


The rest of the day was spent baking cookies and sorting through Christmas clothing.    I remember one of the reasons I love traveling in Beluga so much - no deciding which clothes I might need and then trying to jam them into a suitcase!

Today Beluga got her last bath of the year (we drove through lots of rain on our way here) and I filled the bed, chairs and dinette with clothing, Christmas decorations to take, food, dog supplies, etc.

We had to eat our lunch on the couch because every other available space was filled with things staged and ready to be packed.  The dogs loved the break in routine and took full advantage.

By the end of the day the jeep was loaded and ready for our drive to Christmas!

We'll leave early in the morning and drive to somewhere near Albuquerque.  The next morning we'll finish our journey to Santa Fe and Jesse and Erin will join us there on Christmas Eve Day.   We can't wait!

my last Arizona sunset of the year!


  1. Good Cindy P came for her pie because I know someone else that has a sweet tooth, as well:) It might not have made the trip back to Tucson:)

    Safe travels tomorrow:)

    Love the sunset:)

  2. Sounds like a good place to meet up for Christmas. Safe travels!

  3. Mother and daughter share a beautiful smile - pie anticipation? Lewis :-))))) Safe travels, have a wonderful Christmas with the kids! Your last one is a great one.

  4. I feel exactly the same way -- one of the reasons I love traveling full-time with our trailer is that I never have to think about what to pack! I like having my big rolling suitcase with me at all times, haha! Have a wonderful Christmas in Santa Fe. :-)

  5. Have a great time with the kids! Merry Christmas!