Monday, December 7, 2015

Off we go again

Saturday was our last day in Borrego Springs and it started, as usual, with a round of golf.

a sweet couple of American Wigeon on the 9th hole

Lewis and Sasha spy Gramma Pamma and her cookies -
note Lewis' wildly buzzing tail....

 The rest of the day was taken up with a few last shopping stops and capped off by a delicious steak dinner (Mr. David, Grillmaster Extraordinaire produced a near perfect porterhouse).    The BEST part of the day, however, was the discovery of Sweet Limes.....   Pam and I have been collecting, zesting and juicing the lemons, oranges and grapefruit on the trees around our campground.  The first tree I went to was directly in front of Beluga and filled with tiny lemons.  It looked like a lemon tree that had a blight of some sort.  Hardly any leaves and just packed with extremely small, hard lemons.    I ignored it in favor of the large, luscious looking lemons everywhere else.      Pam went to the weekly Farmer's Market on Friday and saw a basket of  tiny, hard lemons...what the vendor called Sweet Limes.   Hmmmm, could that be what was on our little tree?     YES!      And, are they ever good!    They take an already good Tanqueray gin and tonic to an entirely different level.....   I'm sorry I dismissed them as "blighted lemons".   We could have been using them for our entire stay.    Ah well, I must remember not to judge a book by its cover.

Sunday morning we packed up and left The Springs at Borrego with a promise to return.    We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

We drove through the Ocotillo Wells SVRA area, miles and miles of desert playground for folks and their OHV' and ATV's.     We drove through the salad bowl of the Imperial valley and along the Imperial Sand Dunes.

the All American Canal runs through Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area

Pam and John left before us (they're obviously more organized) but we met at our next stop in Yuma, River's Edge RV Resort.   They were here only one night, we'll stay 3 or 4 to take care of some neglected business and perhaps a quick trip into Mexico for some new sunglasses.

Our campground is technically in Winterhaven, California, just across the Colorado River from Yuma, Arizona.   The river is right at the back of our row of campers, giving us a lovely sunset view.    Its proximity, however, confuses our electronic timekeepers.....phones, computers, gps, etc.    The California side (where Beluga currently sits) is in the Pacific Time Zone.   The other side of the river is in Mountain Time Zone.    Some of our clocks tell us one time, some of them say another.   I don't know what time it is now, I'm totally flummoxed.    I guess when we go to bed its night time, when we get up its morning until I get it sorted out (or until we move into Arizona later this week.....).

sunset over Pilot Knob


  1. Yes, The Springs will be seeing us again:) It was a great time!

    Lovely sunset!!

  2. Lovely and glad you made it safely to your next stop. The sunset is gorgeous and the two dogs of course! Who cares about time on clocks - it is telling you to just stop and use your internal clock for a while! :)

  3. As we drove through the Imperial Sand Dunes a couple of weeks ago the wind was blowing like crazy and I wondered if they have to dredge the canal on a regular basis!

    We stayed at Rivers Edge on our very first trip to Yuma!

  4. Golf and unlimited citrus - what a great park! Too bad those little limes kept their secret for so long :-( Great shot of the canal in the dunes - I still don't know how they keep it from filling with sand. Our friends from Blythe, CA visited us in Q and I had a heck of a time remembering which of us were at what the time we've crossed back and forth between the two a few more times this month I'll have given up :-)))

  5. Gin and tonic -- my favorite!! Sounds even more delicious with those tiny sweet limes. We're in the Keys and using Key limes -- they're pretty darned good, too. :-) Beautiful sunset photo!