Friday, December 18, 2015


Yesterday Cindy P and Walter came over to continue our abbreviated visit and have lunch with us.    The sun was warm by the time they got here and we were able to sit outside and enjoy the views.

After our meal we had time to take a short walk down the bridle path.   They brought one of their little Dachshunds (Simon) along so he joined us for our walk.

Warm in the sun, cold in the shade, however.   We encountered ice in the puddles on the trail.

puddles turned to ice in the shade

Today was our last day here and I'm bummed.   I don't feel like we were really able to take advantage of all that Catalina has to offer.   Perhaps we can squeeze another visit in later this winter.

It was a beautiful morning so we enjoyed a very long second cup outside watching our bird friends.

even the dogs were transfixed by the bird traffic

this finch spent a long time splashing wildly in our "water feature"

The afternoon was spent washing both dogs and trimming Lewis' sweet face in preparation for Christmas with Jesse and Erin.   I made the dough for some chocolate crinkle Christmas cookies and froze dough for another.

Dear friend Judi made and sent us some of her famous cutout cookies last week and I had all intentions of frosting and decorating them.     Best laid plans.....

decimated box of cut outs
She even sent colored sugar to make them pretty.   Sorry Judi, they were just too darn good.    It doesn't seem worth it to make frosting for the remaining 6 bells...

sunset's rosy glow


  1. Glad you had some quality time to catch up with Cindy and Walter:) Nice that you got a little hike in, as well.

    Lovely sunset:)

  2. Brrrr! Catalina is where we have experienced our coldest overnight temperature so far...26.

  3. Wonderful to see Cindy P and Walter safely in AZ - please tell them hello :-) I'm very ready to get to Borrego today and have time to watch the birds and wander the desert. And thankfully it looks like our temps are climbing!! Such a fun gift of cookies to decorate, too bad they were so tasty - guess you could frost a few chocolate ones :-) Love the glow on the mountain.

  4. I hope you can get back to Catalina to enjoy more of what the park has to offer. The hiking trails are really lovely! It's difficult to get reservations there in the winter, though -- if you think you want to return, I'd say try to book something now. We also love Gilbert Ray County Park on the other side of Tucson. Electric hookups, with water faucets in the campground -- the views are spectacular! And it's right next door to the Desert Museum and Saguaro NP.