Tuesday, December 29, 2015


We're all enjoying a low key vacation here in Santa Fe.   Going to bed early, sleeping late, sitting by the near constant fire, working a bit (Jesse and Erin, that is....we don't do that anymore), checking out the Farmer's Market, doing a little cooking/baking, wandering in and out of the hundreds of galleries, sometimes buying....     At the end of these days we usually go out to sample some of this cities wonderful restaurants - Geronimo, Pink Adobe, The Compound, Swiss Bakery, Il Paitto....burp.    Someone's got to do it....

hard at work

hard at work by the fire

hard at work...zzzzzz

cold, clear and colorful

architects analyze building materials - a busman's holiday

You've probably heard about the nasty blizzard eastern New Mexico had.    We were spared its fury, but did have a decent amount of snowfall.   Just enough to give us some holiday atmosphere.

snow drifts on my hair....

One of us got an extra Christmas present from her lovely new husband....

custom hats at Santa Fe Hat Company

this is the one!

Lewis thinks they have good taste - he may wear it for New Years Eve.


  1. Great choice, Erin. Betcha didn't know you'd have to share it with Lewis!

  2. How wonderful the kids could have longer with you two by working from NM. I just love that house! Bill's mom had to move to her neighbors (she's in Roswell) because her pipes froze - glad you only had enough to make a nice white Christmas, so pretty. I bought Bill his Stetson at that store, we had so much fun trying on several. Erin's choice is awesome!

  3. What a wonderful time together with family:) So nice that Jesse and Erin can work while relaxing with you. Great hat choice, Erin! But I must say that Lewis does wear it very well:)

  4. Awww Lewis you look adorable! So glad you all are having a lovely relaxing holiday!

  5. Looks like a wonderful family holiday -- so cozy and relaxing! Sitting by the fire, wandering the galleries, enjoying the fabulous restaurants….perfect! Lewis looks mighty dapper. So generous of Erin to share her new hat. :-)

  6. I believe you got it all this Christmas season, family gatherings, white christmas, enjoying the colorful sights of Santa Fe, each other, happy babies and more!
    Wishing you and Dave more of the same this upcoming year.

    Happy New Year!!!