Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday at White Tank

We've been spending our time here taking short hikes, enjoying happy hour and second cup outside with the Pond's, watching the birds, and exploring this side of Phoenix a bit.

We've been celebrating a bit also.     Happy hour last night and second cup this morning (with freshly baked almond croissants) were dedicated to toasting the Pond's good news.....

They received and accepted an offer on their farm so it's on to a new and exciting chapter for them all!  

As you can see, it is quite cool in the late afternoon and early morning around here but that doesn't stop us all from enjoying the sun.

Even little Glory is positively upside down with joy at the news!

Oh, and Mr. David's Most Excellent Drapery and Shade Specialists (Arizona branch) sent Mr. David, himself, to help with the restringing of our broken bedroom night/day shades.

His house call fee is quite high, so we took advantage of this visit and had him install new shades on our door and bathroom windows.   He does very good work and he's a neat worker.   A joy to have around is Mr. David.


  1. It's always more special to share good news with such dear friends. Thanks for your love and support in the last several months!
    Great picture of Glory upside down.

  2. What great news for the Pond's!! I know how it is to be on the road waiting for that empty property to sell. What a weight off their backs:) Please tell them congratulations. Glad you were there to celebrate with them.

    Sounds like you are enjoying White Tank. Warmer days are ahead:)

  3. Just rolled into town today. The photo of Dave restringing the blind is a reminder of all the projects we need to work on this month :-( We'll still manage to get in plenty of fun though. We're at the AJ Elks for two nights then moving north but unsure where. We don't have a res until the 15th.

  4. That is one handy guy, Mr. David!

  5. Congratulations to Cindy and Walter! There is always one in a hundred, now they can exhale and enjoy the rest of AZ winter.
    Mr D is one cool handy guy, he was a great help with our slide topper too!

  6. Yippee! Please tell Cindy and Walter congrats from us. Great pic of the saquaro skeleton. They're even cool when they've shed their skin :-) Enjoy the beautiful area.