Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday in White Tank

Sunday's drive to White Tank took just a few hours and the weather was a little windy but no problems.     The Pond's had arrived a bit before us and were pretty much settled in as we arrived.

Our site (#31) is beautiful and spacious with no one behind, in front, or on one side.  A small wash winds along in the rear.   Large Saguaro dot our view.  This park is a real gem.

Even with the White Tank Mountains so close, we get many over the air tv channels,  good verizon signal and a strong internet connection.    The site itself, however, is pretty uneven.   Our driver's side is much lower than we like it and our  jacks aren't able to bring us up to any semblance of level.

After we got organized and settled in our site, Cindy P, Walter and Geneva walked over and we enjoyed happy hour outside in the sun.     No sign of the storm that was brewing.

buildings in downtown Phoenix catch the sun's last rays

We have a beautiful view of downtown Phoenix especially at sunset and after dark its lights shimmer in the distance.

By about 8 p.m. our storm arrived in earnest.   The wind started to blow seriously, lightning flashed and the rain came in sheets.   We went to bed with the slide toppers banging and flapping.    In hindsight, we probably should have brought the slides in before retiring, but we didn't.   By about midnight poor Lewis crawled into bed between us and heaved a big sigh.   He was scared and trembling.  

We got up to bring the slides in and quickly found out that the uneven position we were in made the motor on the living room slide work just a bit harder than it wanted clicked and hummed and wouldn't come in.     Long story short, we removed some of the weight in the slide to counteract the bad angle and it retracted,  finally.     We decided we'd try to re position Beluga in the morning.

It was cold this morning, cold all day as a matter of fact, but the wind was gone so after second cup (inside) we unhooked and Dave turned Beluga around backward in the site......Perfect solution to our problem.    We hooked back up, moved our bird feeders to where we could see them again and now we can start to enjoy our stay.

lots of birds were waiting for our offerings of nectar, oranges, seeds
and water.

We even found a crested Saguaro not too far away at the beginning of the Bajada trail.    Many of us are fascinated by their grotesque (or are they beautiful....) shapes and, I suppose, by their relative rarity.


  1. Good you were able to find a better position. We had wind all day today, but were able to put our slides back out this afternoon. We had a little sun this morning, but the day turned very grey and cloudy for the most of the day and was actually spitting a little rain late this afternoon. The clouds were low and very thick over the mountains. The weatherman was up at Mt Lemmon and they got about 7 inches of new snow and it was 18 degrees!!! The down comforter is now back on the bed!!

    There are six crested saguaro in White Tank so keep your eyes open:)

  2. Enjoy your looks beautiful!

  3. Glad you could make the site work for you, we enjoyed it so much. I am sure the good privacy there is great for Lewis!

  4. Glad the reverse position worked - and your new views out the big window must be amazing!! Most of your rain became our snow. Very happy to see sunny skies and very little wind this morning, although it's cold enough that the snow hasn't melted in the shade. Enjoy that gorgeous place!!

  5. We have never stayed in White Tank. Hopefully next winter we will hit that area. What a gorgeous view you have of the area.

    You are gong to give Pam, the Queen of crested Saguaros, a run for her money on spotting those beauties.

  6. Love the photography. Husband and I are going to make the big move to full-time in December. Hope to visit some of the beautiful places you have been. Thanks for sharing and safe travels!