Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday on the Waterfall Trail

We're enjoying our time here in White Tank.   The birds coming to our feeders are fun to watch through the windshield (still pretty cold this morning).

We took a 2+ mile hike on the Waterfall Trail this afternoon with Cindy P and Walter.   The first half is flat and wide, winding slowly up to the base of a beautiful cliff over which water cascades during the rainy season.    Even though there was quite a bit of rain recently, there was only a slow drip sliding into the pool at the base of the dry fall.    No matter, the setting was fantastic and we passed through many petroglyphs on the surrounding boulders.    

We were treated to peeks at the valley below as we walked along.   The day was sunny and warm in the sun but a brisk wind reminded us it is still winter.

Ocotillo are beginning to leaf out

do you see Cindy P taking a break on the trail?

a new crested Saguaro

Walter and Dave at the base of the waterfall

stains on the rocks above show the water's path

reflection in the pool below


  1. I so wish our timing had been better, to avoid the huge crowd on this trail. Great pics of the "falls". Love the triple ball saquaro - and the new crested (you win)!

  2. What a nice trail! Good to see you all out on the trail enjoying all the beauty around you. I'm surprised there wasn't a waterfall with the snow melt. Still neat looking.

  3. Beautiful trail and cool petroglyphs! We've never seen any quite like that.

  4. I knew it we should have made a stop here!