Saturday, February 27, 2016

Moving day

We left McDowell Mountain Park shortly before lunch and took the scenic route to our next stop at Usery Mountain Regional Park.

The route we chose took us north on route 87 to the Bush Highway and then past Saguaro Lake and along the lower Salt River to Usery Pass Road.   It probably was the longer way around, but certainly a more enjoyable drive than getting into frustrating traffic on 202.

I forgot how much we enjoy this part of the greater Phoenix area.   There are lots and lots of huge and fantastic Saguaros and plenty of water....always a draw to us.

Before we turned off route 87 onto the Bush Highway we passed this large, decorated Saguaro with a small and interesting little crest, high up.   I thought Pam would enjoy seeing it.

I  recently heard  there was a herd of wild horses that made their home along the Salt and Verde Rivers so my eyes were peeled for them as we drove along.

I was rewarded with a small group of 5 or 6 moving through the brush of a wash not far from the road.    Dave was kind enough to stop and turn around so I could get a good look at them.  

It looked like a family group of a few mares, one or two yearlings and a nice looking chestnut stallion keeping watch from the rear.

In addition to sighting the horses, I was also lucky enough to see three other crested Saguaros not far from the road.


 We have site #42 for just one night, then we move over to site #5 for a week or two (depending on the weather).
our sitting area

  I use 1-800-PETMEDS for any dog medication while we're on the road and there was a box waiting for us when we arrived.    We opened the packages and then put them on the table while we settled into our site.


Lewis remembers that they always include a large dog biscuit in their packages....he just sat and stared at it until we noticed and shared it with him and old Sasha girl.   What a good boy.

Usery sunset


  1. Those are great crested saguaro!! So different. Good eyes:) Thanks so much for thinking of me.

    The wild horses are so pretty.

    Lew was such a good boy:) Can't wait to see him!!

  2. We're opting for the prettier drive to Santa Fe today as well. Love your pics from the road - and thank David for the turn around as the horses are wonderful! You really scored some good stays at those beautiful regional parks. Lewis' telekinesis had me rolling - OMG you guys crack me up :-)))))

  3. Prettier scenery and less crazy traffic always wins for us, too -- even with a longer drive. How kind of Mr. David to turn around so that you could get photos of the wild horses! Eric is still in training for drive-by photography -- it takes a lot for me to get him to turn the truck and trailer around for a photo. :-(