Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday at McDowell

We haven't gone or done much since arriving here at McDowell, but we have accomplished much.   When we arrived we  discovered that Beluga's windshield had a developed a nasty crack so calling our insurance company was the first order of business.    Dave measured and ordered Magna Shades for said windshield and a side window, I made reservations for the rest of our winter travels, ordered and picked up mail, refilled some supplies, caught up with a few friends we've missed and a took care of a multitude of other electronic and physical errands.   Feels good to get relatively caught up!

We've been enjoying the birds as we sit outside in the very warm sunshine.   They make second cup and happy hour most interesting.

I think they enjoy watching us as much as we like watching them, especially the Phainopepla.

We've taken advantage of the lovely weather to grill our dinners.   Dave was overjoyed to find that the Phoenix grocery stores carry his favorite Buffalo, New York brand hot dogs....Sahlens.    Guess what we've been eating.

Tomorrow is moving day, again.    Just next door, but it's another very uneven site so I'll have to see if Mr. David's Professional Global Positioning rep. is still in the area.   I'm sure he is, this loop of McDowell Mtn. Regional Park must keep him very busy, most every site is either up or down hill.  

Beautiful sunset tonight in all directions.


  1. Hope all goes well with getting the windshield repaired. Not a fun job.

    It does feel good to get all caught up:)

    Hope Mr. David's Leveling Service can get Beluga leveled up next door! We drove through the campground last year and decided it was just too unlevel. We had a very pretty sky this evening also.

  2. I love how Phainopeplas have mohawks!

  3. Not that we're competitive, but we too have a crack in the bottom of our windshield :-( Much of your getting caught up list looks like ours now that we're in Roswell for a couple weeks. Wish our spot had birds and views but the FHUs, gravel lot works for our needs as it is just a mile to Mom's. Hope MDFPS can once again get Beluga nice and level :-)

  4. Haha, I was thinking exactly the same thing that Lisa said about the Phainopeplas! So…..which loop of sites at McDowell might be more level? Or is there such a thing?

  5. Oh it seems you are at the low-numbered sites. We were at # 78 at the other loop and sites there are more level. Well your onboard leveling service can find just the right spot.

    I so enjoyed the birds there too!