Friday, February 19, 2016


A whole week has gone by since I last posted a blog.   We've been enjoying ourselves with the Pond's, its their last week here in the west and we're taking advantage of it.

Since this is such a popular time in the Phoenix area we've both had to change sites a few times.   It hasn't been a problem because every site has beautiful views and nice privacy.   For the past week, however, we've been able to stay in one site and that has allowed us to range further from "home".

We even have our own Saguaro and our bird "spa" here is as busy as it was at the other sites.  A pair of pretty quail visit us often.

We found a very small crested Saguaro near one of the trails!

Last Sunday, Valentine's Day, Cindy P, Walter and Geneva came over and we celebrated the day with a wonderful steak dinner and campfire.   Eating outside on a warm night is extra special when we realize it is mid February and not everyone is as lucky as we are....

Most of this past week, however, was spent at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.    We attend this show whenever we are in the area in February and it didn't disappoint again this year.   You know how crazy I am about horses, and this show delivers plenty of them, but I also love the variety of things I see as we  walk from ring to ring.   Foods not bad either....    We started each day at AJ's Fine Foods for a cup and a bun before finishing the drive to Westworld and the show.    Mmmm

Here are some of the things we saw...

As you enter the show you walk through a huge building filled with vendors selling anything even remotely related to horses and riders.

Like this life sized hand chiseled statue - for your foyer perhaps?

 Or silver encrusted western saddles?

she rode this mechanical pony all through the vendors, drumming
up business for her mother's booth!

headband and necklace for your horse?

I admit, I didn't take any photos of the more mundane things horse folk need, nor did I take any shots of some of the really over the top clothing and jewelry offered for sale.  Aisles and aisles brimming with bridles, saddles (western, hunt seat, saddle seat, etc.), blankets, boots, hats, belts, decorative items, original artwork, toys, fencing, jewelry, dog supplies, feed and supplements, grooming aides, clothing of every description from utilitarian down vests and breeches to rhinestone encrusted everything.

Dogs were everywhere.   Exhibitors and spectators brought their dogs.

just chillin at his owner's booth

Almost more golf carts than horses....almost.

But oh, there were horses....lots and lots of horses of all colors ridden many different styles.    Some were shown, unridden, to judge their qualities as breeding stock.     I overheard a gentleman behind me, an owner, say that these  were $100,000 mares....(mare is a female horse over about the age of 3....under that age they are called filly)

This is big business.    How do you make a million dollars breeding and selling horses?    Start with 2 million.

we watched horses warming up, blowing off
a little steam before their classes

winner's ribbons fluttered in the breeze in front
of each stable area

Geneva admires a horse in an Arabian Costume Class
(and, yes, they do sometimes wear make-up....)

Yep, that's a camel!

unwanted advances.....

"mature" folks

young folks

banks of cameras

side saddle class

all kinds of horses

even western side saddle classes -
a first for me

fluorescent roping practice cow....

cutting horse working a real cow.
Once the rider selects the cow, the horse does all the work on its own.
interesting to watch....

cowboys waiting for their turn at the cows

Tuesday was Military Appreciation Day and we were treated to a Freestyle Dressage Demonstration by Olympic hopeful SSG Katie Ferencik of the U.S. Army on her half Arabian half Trakehner gelding Horatio.   She was very personable and interesting.   She managed to talk to us throughout her entire ride,  telling us what she was doing, why, and how Horatio was responding, which is a difficult thing to do.    I look forward to watching her equine career develop in the next four years.

And each night we returned to Beluga and a magnificent sunset.    Its been a great week.


  1. How nice that you got to stay put for a week. Not sure Dave would agree that moving isn't a problem:)

    I think anyone would enjoy this horse show whether they knew horses or not. How fascinating! I would have enjoyed looking at all the clothing, boots, and equipment. And the horses are beautiful! I had no idea their tails could get that long...or do they have tail extensions:) The Arabian costumes and makeup are a hoot!

    So nice that you and the Ponds have been having a wonderful time together before they head east. Having warm evenings has been great:)

  2. Looks like a wonderful show. It amazes me how anyone can ride side saddle and in a skirt no less.

  3. That horse statue is one of those you buy a house to fit - beautiful! Nothing more exquisite to me than a dark bay Arabian, but that butterscotch one behind the "all kinds" pic is pretty spectacular. The Arabian regalia is so fun and unique from other shows. I definitely have this on my list for future Februarys! Safe travels to the Ponds as they head east.

  4. Gorgeous horses! Sounds like you had a fabulous week. Can't beat those sunsets, huh! And now the flowers are starting making me a very happy camper. Yep, winter in the desert ain't a bad gig :-)

  5. Great rendition, Sue, of a spectacular week. I am so glad we enjoyed this together.

  6. Although horses are not my thing, but when you post about them, its always interesting and colorful real or statues.
    I like that horse in Arabian Costume, she/he is a beauty.