Saturday, July 23, 2016

an abbreviated Bandon post

It was a beautiful, sunny day today.   We had to dance with a brisk, cool wind from the north all day, but when we managed to evade it we were warm and happy.

We were able to sit outside for second cup before starting our day but it was only pleasant for two of us.     This was Lewis' view, under Beluga.

little feet on the other side of Beluga

A family with 4 little children and their accompanying bicycles had pulled in next to us yesterday afternoon.   They were all out playing and arguing with each other this morning.

big furry feet

Lew hopped up onto his security seat and poor Dave had to adjust his coffee drinking style to accommodate the the large curly dog taking up most of his lap.

After an early lunch we went into Bandon to see what the Friday/Saturday Farmer's Market had for us.    Not too much.    One small table with produce, a large refrigerated cooler with grass fed met, a fresh fish store and the rest of the space was filled with crafty stuff.     We walked around the little harbor, then up and down the streets in the business section.     We stopped at the Washed Ashore Gallery and spent some time looking at their exhibits made up entirely of discarded plastic washed up along the local beaches.   They were extremely creative and thought provoking.

Aw nuts....the internet is going in and out again and its taken me half an hour to load that last fantastic fish photo.    I'll try a few more, but this may be it for tonight.

After we made a couple purchases in the shops we headed home.   By way of the jetty and its beach.    We didn't actually get home for at least three hours because the beach always calls us to walk and explore.

we poked around the huge rocks along the jetty finding interesting
smooth stones and pieces of driftwood

That's all I can do tonight.   Check back tomorrow, I'll try to flesh this post out with more pictures!


  1. Lewis is adorable on Dave's lap...I loved your picture of Lewis's view under the Big B.

  2. Poor Lew! Of all the people to park next to you, this was not a good choice! Good Lew has such a nice security guy to protect him:)

  3. It just cracks me up how such a big boy can be such a scaredy cat!

  4. I'm so glad you visited Washed Ashore—isn't it an inspiring place? The fish is a new sculpture since we were last there. Every time I see Lewis on Dave's lap it makes me laugh. :-)

  5. Oh Lewis....I'm so sorry those big mean kids on their death machines parked so close! Bullards and Bandon have the best beaches for exploring driftwood! Love the pics you were able to post. Missed the Washed Ashore last year, definitely have to see it next time!