Sunday, July 24, 2016

lets try again

Well, its cloudy tonight so let's see if the "gods" will let me load some more pictures of our day yesterday......

I was fascinated with the washed ashore plastic creations both outside and inside the gallery.

After visiting the Washed Ashore gallery we walked by a couple children on bicycles that I think Lewis might not be afraid of......although he may ask why they were allowed to ride through the nasturtiums.

I wanted to show you a bit of the beach we walked on, just south of the South Jetty.    It was sunny with a beautiful blue sky but the ever present wind kept it pretty chilly.   The water line was filled with wonderfully colored small stones.  I couldn't help myself, I needed to have this one, and Oh, look at this one, Dave, do you have any pockets, my hands are full,  please, this is the last one, I promise.      We walked for a few miles along the hard sand, filling Dave's vest pockets with prizes.

We didn't meet very many people on our walk, just a few hardy souls and their dogs.    The wind sculpted sand transformed ordinary things into works of art.

We turned and walked back (into that wind) closer to the high dunes so we could explore the piles of driftwood caught there.

Today being a Sunday we just stayed close home.   I made use of the bountiful blueberries to make a pie and we made some delicious homemade salsa, sans seeds.    Dave did some sort of work/maintenance on some thingy under the closet floor that he had been wanting to do and we grilled some tuna for dinner.

my clever sous chef uses his headlamp to help
 see the tomato seeds he's carefully removing from our fresh salsa

On a very sad note, our son Jesse lost his wonderful yellow lab today.   Ruby was his constant and cheerful companion for 14 l/2 years and she leaves a huge hole in all our hearts.


  1. Sweet, dear Ruby...such a special and totally devoted girl. His first love. Our hearts are with you, Jesse and Erin.

  2. Just catching up - days at the beach are marvelous and I love the day at the river with Lewis! What a guy!!!! The sculptures are super cool and glad you could share.

  3. I've not made it to that gallery even though we've been to Bandon several times...that is a must visit! LOVE your beach photos....ahhhhh, the Oregon Coast!

  4. I love everything about your day...the washed ashore rubbish, the beautifully patterned drift wood, the water crashing around the rocks, and the very pretty stones you gathered (only I saw). I forgot the cool breeze!!! What a fantastic day:) Fresh berries for a pie...yum! Salsa sweet Dave:) So very sorry to read about Ruby. Tell Jesse and Erin we are thinking of them:)

  5. Oh, so glad you posted more photos of the beautiful creations made by Washed Ashore. Those masks are wonderful! They've made so many new pieces since we were last there. And your pie looks amazing. You are truly a food artist! (So sorry to hear that Jesse and Erin lost Ruby. It's never enough time with our beloved pets.)

  6. When we were in Bandon rain and fog was our daily event. So glad you shared us photos of things and places we did not see.
    Isn't nature the real master sculptor? amazing work of art!
    Oh blueberry pie, yum! Removing seeds from tomatoes do test patience and love, such a sweet Dave!