Tuesday, July 26, 2016

an experiment

Dave says to try a blog in the morning instead of evening to see if pictures will load any faster, so here are a few from our quick visit to the Owen Rose Garden in Eugene.       We'd never heard of the place but saw flowers down below us as we whizzed by on the beltway.    Dave was nice enough to zig and zag through city streets to find it.

Oh Dave....

It was a very pretty and quiet place set in a rather industrial area.   Large nicely kept lawns and a beautiful pale pink rose arbor over the brick pathway.   The roses on it were pretty much finished, but I could imagine the effect when they were fully in bloom!

a few of the pale pink arbor roses were still blooming

Dave was in his glory, as you might know.   He followed his nose from rose to rose searching for the most fragrant one.   He's always disappointed but he keeps trying.   The most beautiful looking roses rarely have any fragrance.

You can see him in these pictures, he's the one with the rose colored shirt bending over the flowers.....

And lest you think that roses were the only flowers in the garden, I give you an artichoke!

Oh, and as an aside to this post, Dave did find a rose to meet his expectations.   It was the last bloom on a bush directly behind Beluga here in Bandon.   He brought it in and its fragrance still fills the air - even now that it is obviously very dead......

I guess this experiment was a success!    This blog took me only about 10 minutes to put together.     Now, do I want to burn sunshine sitting inside working on a blog or do I want to take hours in the evening?


  1. Rose colored shirt for his rose colored glasses? Very neat and quiet place you found there! Pretty pictures too. Glad you were able to get the blog out in a quick moment! YAY

  2. I'd vote that you take 10 minutes in the am and then Enjoy The Rest of your day, Ms Suzie.

  3. When we are using our phone as our internet connection, I have found we have more power in the morning. There are often times I will drop my connection to John in the evening but never the morning. Strange!

    Glad to see Dave blended in with the flowers:) I have found that special rose gardens don't have a lot of fragrance. I've never seen an artichoke in bloom! Very cool:)

  4. I've never seen an artichoke flower in bloom and I do love artichokes.
    Dave is such a sweet guy, and you are one lucky rose lady!
    Our Verizon wifi is dead so for now we are using my iPad as hot spot, slow going but somehow works.

  5. Our garden at home is filled with old fashioned roses that smell like roses! :-) And I grow artichokes for their wonderful flowers. They dry beautifully for fall arrangements. So glad you discovered the rose garden—it's one of the places we always stop when we're biking the river trail in Eugene. Makes me miss my gardens....

  6. It's always amazing how well roses do in Oregon. In Seattle they're always covered in rust, thrips and mildew.