Friday, July 1, 2016


We're debating whether to honor our McKenzie bridge reservations for next week or extend our time here in Florence.   We like it here.

Beluga happily snuggled down in her nice private site, surrounded by huckleberries and pine trees.

We have the ocean, the Suislaw River and a number of small lakes to explore.

And sand.....there is lots of sand here.   It drifts onto rt. 101 near our campground and it mounds into dunes near 500 feet high in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

In some places the dunes come right down to the river and in others they become playgrounds for all types of OHVs.

There are a number of pretty nice restaurants "downtown" and we're happy to try as many as we can while we're here.

Waterfront Depot is one of our favorites

beautiful river views from our table

Dave loved his dinner choice - burp
(Arroz Com Marisco Portuguese)

Florence is all dressed up for the holiday.   Flowers and flags everywhere not just on the main streets.

Oh Dave....

We have a few days to decide before we have to commit.   Lewis is no help in this situation.   He overindulged on his birthday and is not feeling well.

We stayed home today to keep an eye on him.   We even took him to the vets to see what the problem was.   Turns out.....he's full of sand.   Chock full of sand.
It has begun to "come out" (don't ask) so we're less worried but he is still not his happy cheerful self :(

no fun at happy hour tonight


  1. Poor Lewis! F2f o keep us posted on his recovery. We don't like him to be uncomfortable and his large gallery of friends await his usual effervescent self.

  2. Poor Lewis...we hope he his back to normal very soon!
    Do I stay or do I go...such a fun decision to make! Enjoy....

  3. Dogs don't seem to know their limits! It's all fun and games till the sand starts coming out...!

  4. We really liked that little state park on the river across from the big sand dunes. Hard to go when there's so much to do and see, and hard to stay when more adventure awaits down the road. Helpful?
    Poor Lewis! Hope he's "un-burdened" soon, and back to his usual silly self.

  5. Looks like a beautiful place to hang for a little more time. But then I don't know what is up next for you...maybe even better!? Love all the flowers:)

    Yup! Lew isn't well. That is definitely not him at Happy Hour. Poor guy:(

  6. Oh, poor Lewis! That sounds so uncomfortable to be stuffed full of sand. :-(( I hope he feels better soon. Sounds like you guys are having fun trying out all of the restaurants. That Portuguese seafood stew must have been delicious!

  7. Oh Lewis, you are having too much fun! Blame it on your parents and the surroundings.
    We love Florence too even if it was raining for two straight days while there, but we managed to ride on one of those buggy's and zigzag at the sand dunes.