Thursday, July 28, 2016

Two beaches and a poodle

We're trying to take Lewis with us more since Sasha is gone.   We're happy he enjoys these outings, but want to make sure to maintain a balance.....happy to "go for a ride" and happy to stay home.

Today was a "go for a ride" day.   We packed lunch and headed to a nearby beach for some good exercise before heading south toward Port Orford.

We first stopped at China Creek beach, just around the corner from our campground.   We were met by a volunteer who told us about the tiny Plovers nesting on this beach.   They are endangered and nest out on the open beach so dogs must be leashed at all times.    With Lewis whistling and barking in the back of the jeep we decided to move along to Devil's Kitchen beach where he could blow off all that pent up energy running.

It was the right decision.   As in most beaches we've encountered in Oregon, we had this one pretty much to ourselves.   Windy again, but we're used to it now.

Lewis feels strongly that birds belong in the air, not on the ground (or beach)

he tried to use Dave as a windbreak sometimes

Are you ready to go for another ride?
Yes I am!
We drove south toward Port Orford.   There were two things we wanted there.  The first is to see the west's only Dolly Port.    Port Orford's port is an open water one so the fishing boats are not moored or docked in the ocean when not in use.    They are kept on shore on "custom" dollys and are put into the water and taken out by huge yellow cranes.

one of the fishing fleet on its dolly in the foreground,
yellow crane behind it on the edge of the dock

hypnotizing kelp beds undulating in the current
next to the port dock

We sat in the car (out of the ferocious wind) and ate our lunch while waiting for a boat to be lowered into (or out of) the water.    We didn't have to wait very long before we saw a fishing boat coming in to port.

It pulled along side the dock at the base of the huge cranes to unload its cargo.   We watched through binoculars so as not to be in the way.

After they were finished, the workers crawled around the bow and stern of the boat attaching ropes and the crane swung over and dropped its hook.    The guys attached the hook and slowly, slowly, the boat came up out of the water.

The guys crawled off the boat onto the dock and the crane swung the boat up and set it gently down onto the waiting, wheeled dolly.    An interesting procedure to watch, but sure seems like a lot of trouble!

The other thing I wanted to do in Port Orford was to drive down the beach.   We found a way down off Jackson Street, right next to the Crazy Norwegian Fish and Chips shop.    Jackson Street turned into a narrow one vehicle wide dirt/sand track through the grassy dunes. We followed it and came out on the beach at the base of Battle Mountain.

Battle Mountain
The tide was out and we had a huge, wide beach all to ourselves.   We turned south, navigating around and through an area of huge beach rocks.   Fun!

We found a spot we liked and parked.   Out went the poodle and we three continued our trek down the beach on foot.

follow the tail

Lew enjoyed the little fresh water streams coming out of the hillsides

once again, Dave wore shoes and had to be creative to get across the stream

He found his own stick this time


  1. Lewis had a great time! Oh, and you guys too!

  2. I love seeing a happy Lewis! What a fun day!

  3. Great photos of my furry boy! Had me grinning all the way through:) Never a calm moment:)

  4. Great photos of my furry boy! Had me grinning all the way through:) Never a calm moment:)

  5. Never heard of a dock port before, very interesting! Looks like another really fun day!

  6. That port is very unique, and I agree it looks like a lot of work just to "dolly dock"! Lewis does manage to "use" Dave as needed :-) Love the ready for a ride and the boys fording the stream. Too bad the wind was up - nice for keeping the others away though.

  7. What a marvelous day and it looks like Lewis had a fabulous time at the beach! The whole crane and boat thing is interesting....will have to look up more on that next time I'm out that way.

  8. I went back to copy this post so I could send it to Kevin and share Lewis (this is his way of having a dog). And in looking at it again I realized I got so taken with Lew that I never mentioned the unique port. That is way too much work taking those boats in out each time. Seems rather crazy. Think of the time involved each time! We've never seen or heard of anything like this. Thanks for sharing! I love learning new things:)