Sunday, July 3, 2016

We're staying

Lewis helped us make the decision to stay put after all.   He's still not back to normal and so we're not venturing too far from home.   Neither of us want to leave him alone for very long so we've decided to stay here in Florence until our Eugene reservation on July 11th.    That will give us time to give him some extra TLC and when he's feeling better we can explore further afield.

Yesterday we took a few hours and went to the Florence Municipal Airport to see what was billed as "Wings and Wheels".    Fun!    A classic car show held at an airport during a fly in.....right up Dave's alley.

It was a beautifully sunny day but we've come to depend on the fact that a brisk wind will come up by around 10 a.m., and it surely did.    It became so windy that the onions blew right off my hot dog before I could eat it - no kidding!

It kept the radio control controlled airplanes on the ground, in the hanger.

The wind didn't dampen the crowd's enthusiasm as they walked amongst the beautiful old cars and airplanes, ate char grilled hamburgers and hot dogs (no onions.....) and danced to the very talented band.

super slick Divco Milk truck

remembering an old love

and more happy memories......

The very talented West Coast Ravens RV (RV in this case is the name of the planes they fly - RV8 - these are home built experimental class planes) Formation Flying Team put on a precision show overhead, despite the strong winds.

color coordination to the max!


  1. Maybe Lewis will learn a lesson from this about overindulging on his birthday!!!!

  2. This day reminds me of the air show the four of us attended in Palm Springs minus the wind:) Fun day!

    Good idea to stay put til Lew is feeling better, especially since he isn't fond of traveling. Give my sweet buddy a hug:)

  3. There is nothing better than a Divco truck. I love to see them after restoration. I hope Lewis feels better soon.

  4. I forgot to ask about Lewis today while we were on the phone. I'm discouraged he's not better by now. Vet on Tuesday?

  5. Hope Lewis is happy Lewis real soon!
    Joe would have loved to have been there!

  6. Nice that you had the option to stay put in beautiful Florence -- but I'm so sorry to hear that Lewis isn't yet feeling back to his normal happy energetic self. Sending him a hug. :-)