Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aug. 16 - Ascot Night at Walnut Hill

Jesse and Erin arrived last night around 10 p.m. for a whirlwind visit.   Their return flight leaves Rochester at 6 a.m. Sunday.   They're in town to attend a party celebrating the wedding of a dear friend, Stephen and his lovely new wife, Laura.  We all missed their June 7 Long Island wedding because Jesse was busy graduating in Oregon and we were busy bursting with pride as we watched.

Lewis enjoys hugs from Jesse during breakfast on the porch

Last night the four of us attended Ascot Picnic Night at the Walnut Hill Driving Show.  We took a dinner of quiche, fruit salad and Nutella brownies and met up with niece Lisa, husband Chris, Cindy P, husband Walter and daughter Geneva.  Oh, and plenty of nice cold white wine in the cooler.

Erin, Jesse, Lisa and Chris

Dave shows off his newly re-discovered cowboy boots to Geneva (on the ground), Cindy P and Walter

We ate and watched some specialty classes in the ring.  Ascot Night classes are usually geared more to the "general" public than the dyed in the wool horse people that populate the white seats during the other 5 days of the show.   You know, costume classes, huge antique English coaches pulled by four matched horses, and even an agility class using of dogs paired with  miniature horses to form a team.   A little confusing, but enjoyable to watch.

Dorothy, the Scarecrow driving the Cowardly Lion

a Wedding Party

my personal favorite - a white Standard Poodle driven by a "girl" in a poodle skirt

my fav moving around the ring, leaving bits of poofy white hair in his wake...
in the background are two mice driving a bit of "swiss cheese".

the whip (the driver) on this English coach works to control the enthusiasm of his team of elegant Hackney horses.   They're raring (rearing actually!)  to GO!

thats more like it

a beautiful four in hand of dramatic Freisian horses beginning their drive down the road

Jesse and Erin strolled around the Carriage Lane Boutiques and antique Carriage Museum.  Did I mention the variety of hats for sale?

this one was so huge Erin had to hold on!
What a nice time we had.   Its great to have Jesse and Erin here, we'll be sorry to see them fly away on Sunday.   Sigh....


  1. What a fantastic event. I can just image how much fun y'all had.

    Erin looks beautiful in all the hats.

  2. What a neat very different event for me! I am so disappointed though in not seeing you in one of those fancy hats!

    Somebody put a lot of thought into many of those outfits. Yes, the "standard poodle" horse was cute:)

    How nice to get to visit with Jesse and Erin if only for a little.

  3. I love the hats!

    And the poodle! What a neat event...I am sure there were lots of laughs!

  4. Loved the black hat on Erin! We sure did have fun that night! So nice to have you all together.