Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday - August 8

Another day full of work around the house.    Actually, Dave worked (again) and I took both dogs to see Dr. Kate for their annual check up and an overdue lepto shot.   They seemed happy to see Dr. Kate, but were infinitely happier to get back in the car!  

 I have to laugh when I remember that Dave worried he wouldn't be able to keep busy once we got home!

I did another huge grocery shopping at our local Wegman's, trying to get the house pantry up to cooking speed.   I keep running out to Beluga and "borrowing" needed supplies and that is getting really really old.   I'm not going to empty her because we'll be leaving again in a few months, but this trotting back and forth is taking its toll on my knee.    Actually, I think its the high humidity and volatile barometer that is causing both of us to be pretty sore.  

We slipped out after lunch and drove Beluga a few miles to a local town park so we could use their dump station.   It felt awfully good to be driving down the road again.   Sigh.

"nice to be back home,....but I miss my white leather bed, I mean white leather couch"."

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  1. That's the pups seem to claim the sofa! We have 2 pups that do the same thing...the 2 biggest pups I might add!

    Humidity...sure don't miss that. Joe and I have sometimes discussed where we might want to relocate someday when we are "too old" to travel and live in the bus. I sure wont be Georgia and the humidity!

    Have a wonderful weekend!