Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday - little by little

One more critter nest....this one was discovered in the shop's panel box.  Dave tried to turn on the air compressor to air up the tires on the garden wagon. he opened the panel box to trouble shoot and found a lovely little nest nestled amongst all the chewed through wires.

So he removed the nest and reconnected all the wires, and he was good to go.   Only a little detour from the original plan for the day.   Mr. David is a clever man with many skills, thank goodness.

 Hopefully, we've now found all the surprises.    Although, when Fred stopped by for a debriefing this afternoon (we placed our house in his capable hands while we were on our big adventure), we learned of a strange disappearance.    He counted 38 mice caught and removed from the traps we'd set at various spots in the house trap is missing.     Where did it go? Where will we find it?

wonderful Fred

So, wagon tires aired up, Dave set to the task at hand....cutting down/digging out the hugely overgrown bushes surrounding our back patio.   After cutting and digging, he loaded them on the newly fitted wagon and drove them around behind the pasture and into the woods.  Back and forth he went, till the patio was bare.

Now we need to add some good compost and replant for a more useful and pretty area to spend second cup and cocktail time!      Lewis took all this activity and stick production as signs to  step up his play schedule.   He stole branches and ran, pell mell, around the yard, then added them to his cache of balls.

Lewis loves chasing balls and eating sticks in the yard
Just so you don't think I was sitting around eating bon bons and reading movie magazines while Dave toiled, I want you to know that I was inside doing laundry, putting food back in the pantry and planting stuff in crocks and planters.

this couple used to sit on the dock, I'm sure I'll find a good place for them here at home

Since it was our anniversary, we stopped work early and went out for a lovely lakeside dinner.  It feels like we've always been together, and yet it seems like just yesterday.   Where does the time go?

Anniversary dinner view

my driver found some lovely Black-eyed-Susans for his bride

another vivid Genesee Valley sunset lights up the barn's siding


  1. I do like all the little projects one has around a house. I know someday Hans and I will have a house again. I hope you two are enjoying the change of pace before you head out again.

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  2. Great picture of Fred!

    Happy Anniversary!

    I thought I heard some chainsawing up there and figured, knowing Dave, that those bushes would be history soon!

  3. Those critters can sure get on our last nerve!

    I was getting worried that you were just sunning yourself while Dave did all the Great job on the planters. They are so cute.

    Glad you had a wonderful anniversary. The sun even set beautifully for you two.