Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday, Aug. 14 Work and play

Corn in the valley

This post covers a few days, I don't want you to think that our time has been all work and no play.   True, we have relied heavily on the services or Mr. David's Grooming Salon and Mobile Beauty Parlor,  Mr. David's Brick and Masonry Services, Mr. David, the Plumber, and Mr. David's Mobile Tractor Repair.

(please save me from Mr. David....where are my ears????)

my Massey Ferguson technician, Mr. David, works his magic

Mr. David brought his Supervisor along to make sure the bricks are layed correctly

Today, while I was attending the Walnut Hill Carriage Driving Competition, Mr. David's Lawnmowing and Bushhog Company arrived and worked diligently to tame the green stuff surrounding the house and  pasture.   I have no pictures, however, because the camera was busy photographing sleek horses and fancy hats.

flags from each country represented at the competition

entry tent sets the mood 

flower filled entry to the Patron's tent

beautiful chestnut on the cross country course

ringside seats
   Walnut Hill Carriage Driving Competition is one of my favorite parts of summer.  It celebrates its 42nd year this week, and I've probably been seated in one of those white chairs for 37 of them.     This year, Jesse and Erin will join Dave and I at Friday's Ascot Night to enjoy a picnic on the lawn and a line up of special classes.   Can't wait...
"When is it my turn?"

next in the ring
In addition to the highly polished, perfectly groomed horses, lovely carriages, flowers galore, good food and drink, tons of dogs, and a real live organist accompanying each class, there is a "lane" of white tents filled with all sorts of interesting (if you're into horses) things....and - hats.

oh look, a surrey "with the fringe on top"

horses of all sizes and colors

carriages of all sizes and colors

lots of work goes on behind the scenes, bathing, braiding, grooming, harnessing, mucking out stalls


and....the winner is
OK, tomorrow I'll get back to work, I promise.


  1. So glad you married the "Jack of all Trades!" It sure comes in handy doesn't it! Keep that man working:)

    I've never heard of a Carriage competition. Glad you shared and introduced me to this new activity. Hope you have a fancy hat for Friday!!

    I loved the Spanks!!

  2. What a very cool event. I am with Pam. I have never heard of this type of event. I love looking at the dress apparel and the hats are awesome. Hope you enjoy your Friday night adventure.

  3. So we need a picture of you in a hat!

    Metamorphosis Lisa