Friday, August 23, 2013

Harvesting and transplanting

Hmmmm, an idea is forming......
Yes, we have two identical grey jeeps....don't ask.   We'll sell one later this month, but the one we want to sell has the trailer hitch on the back.   How will we tow the boat?   How will we tow the utility trailer?

Always ready to help, Mr. David's Collision and Body Shop sent their most talented and resourceful worker over and the problem seemed much smaller.

and so it began, the harvesting of body parts

the transplant
The answer was simple.... remove the bumper facia from the "sale" car and the bumper facia from my jeep, remove the trailer hitch, scrape and paint it, transplant it to my jeep,  switch the bumpers  and voila!   Problem solved.    My jeep, the one that is set up for towing behind Beluga, now is the grey jeep with the trailer hitch.

rest after a job well done
I invited the worker to sit on the back porch with me and enjoy the beautiful sunset.   He was relieved to have the job done and the problem solved.    Now to figure out craig's list.


  1. That is quite the clever helper you have there! A man with many talents. It was very nice of you to allow the help to sit on your porch:) That was an ingenious idea! We sold our motorcycle and trailer on Craig's List. We did a few strange calls though. Good Luck!

  2. Is there ANYTHING this man can't do??????

    And he even cleans up have a gem!

  3. That was a day!

    The sun setting on the porch sure looks inviting!

    We haven't done Craig's help here, sorry!

  4. Our tow car is a 2011 Ford Edge without a trailer hitch. I took the car in on Friday to get the oil changed and asked them to give me a quote on putting a hitch on. We want to be able to put a bike rack on the Edge. They quoted us over $600.00! Can I employ David's

  5. I want to be Dave when I grow up...