Saturday, August 3, 2013


We're making progress.  Dave has finally managed to force the 30 year old yews to give up the ghost and let go.    Lewis is enjoying his new excavating responsibilities, what fun it is to be home!

too much soil, too much soil, too much soil

dig deeper, dig deeper, dig deeper

Cindy P  invited us next door for a chicken bbq this afternoon, Dave was happy to have an end to his digging, and clipping, and yanking duties.   It was wonderful to sit and talk with dear friends Cindy, Walter and Pat and Geneva.       Geneva, has just returned from studying in New Zealand, so it was fun to hear her travel stories.    We got a chance to see their new little dachshund, Glory.   She is a tiny, blond, diva from Florida and has been keeping them all on their toes!

Glory makes sure I notice her

Dave chats with Geneva, Walter and Pat while Cindy cuts the pie

triple berry pie, thanks Cindy!

darling little Luke


  1. That pie sounds so good!! Yum!

    We definitely don't miss any of that yard work. Nice to see Lewis contributing to the projects:)

  2. Lewis has found a little piece of heaven on earth.