Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good to see more old friends

Its been really great to see old friends.

Judi waits for our favorite Rabbit Room waiter, Michael, to take her order

Judi came out last week and the three of us enjoyed dinner at our favorite restaurant, the Rabbit Room.   Its a little gem in a small neighboring town that is only open for dinner on Thursday evenings!   A good excuse for a pleasant meal and overnight with an old friend.

Cindy P, Geneva, Walter, Pat and Dave enjoy the  fire's warmth on a cool summer evening
Last Saturday evening Pat and her family (Cindy P, Geneva and Walter) came up for a picnic dinner outside.   The weather cooperated and we were able to have a fire in the chiminea after Cindy's yummy chocolate pie.  .  Lovely evening with old friends.

Later that evening I shared a glass of wine and the waning fire with my very best old friend......

Last night Dave and I were invited to dinner at long time friends, Cindy and Norm.  Dave and Norm grew up together and they were married two months before us - 43 years ago!

Its nice to see old friends.


  1. So many good times when you return. Glad you are busy with friends:)

  2. I can sure relate to the joy of reconnecting with close friends after being on the road for awhile. Looks like special times.

  3. It is really SPECTACULAR to have you both back home --even if for only a short time! We all needed a dose of the Bank's style!!!

  4. What wonderful memories you two have made. We really enjoy being with our friends, of course, family too.

    I see Dave is a two-fisted

  5. What a nice reunion with lots of's nice to have the time to reconnect.