Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunday went to the dogs

Jesse and Erin flew back to Boulder early Sunday morning.   It was such a whirlwind visit that we almost aren't sure they were really here!     As parents of an adult child, we've learned to enjoy his company when and where we can get it!

We went back to bed after taking them to the Rochester airport, we got home at 5 a.m. and couldn't see any reason to start our day that early!

Our "second" morning was spent outside with our second cup and rhubarb muffins.   The dogs were happy to finally be up and outside, it had been a confusing a.m.routine for them.

Lewis enjoys spending "second cup" chasing his fish...

he always catches and returns it dutifully, but sometimes its not  pretty

Sasha enjoys her "second cup" time in a more dignified manner

 Later in the day Dave and I joined Cindy P and Geneva at a Lure Coursing Event in the small town of Hemlock, near one of the Finger Lakes.

did I forget to mention Glory came along??

Lure coursing is a sport usually reserved for sight hounds, but is becoming a fun activity for dogs of all sizes and breeds.     The idea is to have the dog chase a mechanically operated "lure" around a prescribed course of hard, fast curves.   Most dogs take to it after a few trials and really seem to enjoy the wild run.   Some even figure out the course and start trying to cut corners to reach the lure before it gets away!   Lots of fun to watch the seasoned dogs as well as the ones just learning the ropes.

Cindy P and Glory on their way into the course

Tiny Glory in  hot pursuit of the blue and yellow lure

three lovely Afghans await their turn

as does an American Hairless dog

she's really into the chase

Cindy P, Geneva and a tired  Glory walk back to the truck

we stopped at a bright little farm stand on the way home.
A very pleasant way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.


  1. Fun post--I can sure relate to any day that "goes to the dogs." I have never heard of Lure Coursing but I can guess that at least one of our Porties would like this activity.

  2. I'm with Pam...everyday just about "goes to the dogs" for us. Is Glory a wire-haired doxie? Our little Jack is a w-h doxie and sure loves to play ball. We have never heard of the Lure Coursing either...looks like fun. You got awesome pictures of the dogs in action!

  3. These were wonderful photos ...thank you, Sue! We sure did have a good time though Glory slept like a rock for the rest of the day! Can't wait til September when you bring Lewis??