Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beluga is lonely

We're getting settled in here on Longboat Key.   Beluga is lonely I fear.   We went over to pick up a few forgotten items and she looked very empty and sad......Don't worry Beluga, we'll be back after Christmas.

Meanwhile, here at the beach its getting to look a lot like Christmas (I know, I've said that a few million times before).

Oh look Dave, it snowed this morning!    It is Christmas time after all.    No, he says, Sasha's pillow exploded in the washing machine.

I found two unusual Poinsetta's at Publix.   The leaves are lipstick red with a pale pink stripe down the leaf.   They almost glow in the light.    The variety is called Ice Punch.   Lovely.

In our past life it was like pulling teeth to get Dave to put up our Christmas trees.   Yes, I said trees.  One in the dining room and one in the kitchen.   Real, freshly cut trees complete with sticky sap, pricky needles, and cold bits of snow hiding in the oddest places.    If we were lucky though, we'd find a beautiful little birds nest snug deep in the branches.    Sigh.     I won't discuss the threats needed to get him to untangle and hang the lights to my specifications.   Sigh....

He complained and dragged his feet until he had no choice and then he was quite crabby while doing the job.   Too bad I didn't know about Mr. David's Mobile Christmas Decoration Service back then.  Mr. David doesn't do real trees, he  hangs lights wherever needed and happily assembles tacky white wire faux trees in no time flat.   What a guy!    

Mr. David working his magic

the dogs are in awe of his abilities and watch silently as the tree takes shape

After he finished with the tree, I  invited him to stay for a gin and watch the sunset with us, he agreed


  1. I've seen the Ice Punch poinsettia....they are really pretty!
    Nice sunset!

  2. I love all these Mr David businesses that you create...he really is a gem,! And you are surely one creative Diva. Merry holidays to you all.

  3. Not sure where you found this Mr. Dave but he is most definitely a keeper. The man does everything.

    Looks like the dogs didn't have any trouble adjusting to their new temporary home. They have settled right in:)

    Enjoy your little vacation away from home:)