Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Does this qualify?

Are those penguins in  snowy western New York?   Brrrrr.        No, they're black skimmers resting on Longboat Key's sugary white beach.   Did I fool you?

Once again, after lunch, we pointed the jeep toward one of several beautiful beaches within a few miles of Beluga.    Today we tried one just off Broadway on Longboat Key.   This beach was home to a huge flock of mixed seabirds, all facing into the wind.    We decided to place our chairs near them, then take a long walk to look for seashells and enjoy the warm clear water.  

Dave watches an Osprey fly by

 We passed a few lazy hours just watching the arrival and departure of the flock in front of us.  They seemed nonplussed by people walking by, just stepping slightly out of the way, then moving back to their original spot.  When someone really got too close, they flew up, around and then came right back down.  

shhhhhh.   nap time

Since a "cold" front passed by overnight, the air is very dry and by 4 ish, it felt a bit cool ish, so we packed up our stuff and followed Broadway across Gulf of Mexico Drive and into the "historic" little community of Longbeach Village.   Most of the cottages or homes were built in the late 1880's and are set in unbelievably lush old Florida foliage beside Sarasota Bay.    Peacocks wander its streets.

Pine Street splits to avoid this lovely old guy

quite a mailbox eh?

So, you saw that we didn't do anything of consequence today, does it qualify for a BCA?


  1. Not a BCA...way too much to enjoy! Love those birds!

  2. Love that photo with the birds in flight. Looks like a fun day to me!

  3. Sure does look like snow from upstate NY! Good to know it isn't.

    Glad you found the peacocks. They are so cool!

  4. Yup, you totally had us fooled!
    Nina and Paul

  5. Me too!!! I thought you downloaded something from the internet to fool us! Beautiful sand. doesn't qualify for a BCA day with those pictures and gallivanting down those beautiful streets to avoid that lovely tree. Such a beautiful area.

  6. That sure looks like an incredibly lovely area! LOVE those shore birds...and then peacocks in the neighborhood...what a trip! I am missing lush and green right now!