Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Starting to look like Christmas

Beluga is happy snuggled down deep in the palms

Sun today!   Shorts and Tee shirt today!   Christmas decorations up today!  New friends round for happy hour today!  Good day today!

The Florida branch of Mr. David's Christmas Decoration Service came by to help get our Christmas tree (s) set up.   When I brought out my Palm Springs Charlie Brown sparkly gold tree, it was broken.... I was told that the reason I got it for such a good price is that it had a "weak" spot and would probably break immediately.   I ignored the advice and bought it any way.   It lasted one Christmas and now it was, indeed,  broken.

Once again, Mr. David brought out his tools and worked his magic.   My gaudy little tree once again sits on Beluga's dashboard.   Look for a little something extra in your paycheck Mr. David....

tie wraps, crazy glue, tape and gold ribbon are all staples in Mr. David's tool box

Sasha was exhausted from an afternoon visit by of Pam and Vic's Portuguese Water Dogs.
Lewis tried to get him to play a bit, but he was feeling rather ill at ease and just wanted to "tell" Pam how he felt.   We'll try a play date again another time.  

Sasha snoozes in her new Christmas collar.  She wants to be fresh when Santa Clause arrives.

Pam and Vic (sans pups) came by for Happy Hour and we sat outside and gabbed and gabbed until the bugs reminded us it was time to go inside (itch, itch, scratch, scratch).     I forgot to take a picture to show you what a good time we were having because we were having too good a time.

our outdoor trees


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love Christmas decorations! The trees are very pretty. I also love Sasha's new collar!

    Glad you had a nice Happy Hour!

  2. Nice digs you got there! I did the same thing today, bought some Pointsettia, and took out my little Santa and its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  3. So glad Mr. David could fix your precious little tree. What would Christmas be without

  4. Enjoyed our happy hour together yesterday. Love the little touches of Christmas with your festive trees. I missed Sasha's Christmas collar. Does Lewis have one too?