Monday, December 30, 2013

Lazy last day

Yesterday was our last day at 3015, our last day to open the blinds and find ourselves on the edge of the gulf.   We just wanted to hang around and soak up the atmosphere, even though it was cloudy and threatening most of the day.    

curly and straight



Lewis enjoys stretching out once he gets the couch to himself

We celebrated our last night at the beach with lobster for dinner.      

Thanks to the stellar cooperation between Mr. David's Packing and Moving Service and Mr. David's A #1 Limousine Service, we ( me, Judi, Lewis, Sasha, all our clothes, refrigerator and cupboard contents, poinsettas, orchid, remaining Christmas cookies, dog food, supplies and huge bed, toiletries, computer, and various sundry items) managed to make the trip back to Holiday Cove in one trip.     It was tight fit without an inch to spare, but we made it.    Beluga was overjoyed to see us again.


  1. I love the puppy legs! Way cute...

    I know Beluga is happy to have a family again.

  2. Aaaaaahhhh....must feel good to be home again. And now we're on to 2014. Just like that! It seems like only yesterday that we were beginning 2013. Thanks for all your pictures, blog reports and all the Mr. David scenarios! It sure has been fun!

  3. That's a lot legs!! How embarrassing for poor Lewis! He is not going to be happy when he sees that you posted that photo.

    Having the gulf right out the door would be tough to leave.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Classic photo of Lewis. I am sure you will miss the Gulfside locale, but we are happy to have you back here at Holiday Cove! Let the new year begin.

  5. If Lewis can only talk…he will have a fight with mom!
    Here's to a great year for Dave and Sue and everyone else in the family! I know we will meet up again.

  6. Great photos! I love the one of Lewis occupying the couch. Have a wonderful new year.