Friday, December 27, 2013

catching up

I've been so busy enjoying our time with Jesse and Erin I haven't even opened my computer or followed anyone's blogs.   Time has just slipped by so gently I can hardly believe they're on the plane heading home!   My birthday is over, Christmas eve is past, Christmas day is finished, where did the days go?

I'm sitting here trying to make sense of the millions of pictures I've taken over the holidays.  My eyes are beginning to cross and the chronology of the events is evading me.   That's why I try to do a daily blog....its easier for my pea brain to recall what happened immediately before blogging than it is to bring back events of days before!

I'll try and show you some highlights of the past days.....I'll start with one of the beautiful sunsets.

Christmas Eve we had a divine dinner at Beach Bistro on Holmes Beach.   Christmas Eve is our family's special night and whenever we're in Florida we celebrate it at Beach Bistro.    This year we were so happy to have Erin  join us there.   Dave looks forward to a huge serving of Bouillabaisse, he wasn't disappointed.   Erin enjoyed hers too!

Full and happy, we returned to the condo and opened our gifts.

Lewis immediately disemboweled his new squirrel


Even staid old Sasha enjoyed her presents

On Christmas Day, Dave and I drove up to Tampa to pick up old friend, Judi.  She'll be here with us til after the New Year.    While we were gone, Jesse and Erin started preparing one of their gifts.  They planned, shopped for, and prepared Christmas dinner for us.   How did we get so lucky?

Lewis welcomes Judi with a big hug and a good eye contact

After we got Judi here and settled, we all had lunch outside on the porch.   We were being watched.     This guy strolled around in front of the porch railing, looking pointedly at us while we ate.

do you think he wants some of our onion rye?

someone needs a pedicure......

I wasn't allowed in the kitchen, so I just enjoyed the pampering.   How did I get so lucky.   The house smelled wonderful, the chatter and laughter in the kitchen a balm to my soul.   Family and good friends together under one roof, at the edge of the the beach on a beautiful day, anticipating  a good meal being prepared and offered with love.   How did I get so lucky?

white bean, garlic and arugula bruschetta to start

and they even cleaned up afterward!

licking all those plates is exhausting.....

That's all for now, I'm going to bed.    Tomorrow (or maybe the next day) I'll tell you about our cruise on the "mote boat" and our tour of Ca' d'zan.


  1. Sleep well, my friend. All those festivities are sweet memories now.

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful day with family and friend. The window looks wonderful from the outside.

  3. Family and friends, that is what Christmas celebration is about. You are so lucky, you got kicked out of the kitchen.

  4. Those sunsets look amazing. Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. Yep....lucky!