Monday, December 16, 2013

Moving Monday

We looked like vagrants when we left Beluga this morning.    We have no suitcases with us, not really any need to take up our valuable space with them.    But, moving over to our Holiday condo on the beach without suitable luggage made us look like we live in our car.     We had liquor boxes and grocery bags filled with clothing, food, Christmas gifts, dog food and supplies, wine, etc. and Dave packed them all into the jeep late this morning.

No matter, we're here now and its lovely.   A cold front went through last night and brought cooler and less humid weather to us.   The gulf is a beautiful aqua color and the sand right outside our door is snowy white.   Sasha settled right in but Lewis, true to form, was edgy and a little nervous most of the day.

Sasha enjoys having the sliding doors open and being able to saunter out onto the porch whenever the spirit moves her.    She lay watching the next door neighbors playing shuffleboard for quite awhile this afternoon.    Small pleasures.

Lewis stayed just inside the open doors, enjoying the warm sun.   He was sure I'd just forgotten to close the slider and would reward him for being a good boy and not leaving the house.     Also, he was wary of the sound the discs made as they slid along the court.   He's a delicate flower.

I tried to engage him in a little "dead bird" play, but he was having none of it.   There were strangers next door for heaven's sake~

I spent the afternoon doing laundry and Dave went back to Beluga to vacuum without having to move dogs around.    We'll be here until just before New Years.     Jesse and Erin will arrive next Friday to spend my birthday and the Christmas holiday with us.    Dear friend Judi arrives on Christmas Day.
Getting to look at lot like Christmas....

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  1. Nice...your own place to enjoy all your company and hopefully some wonderful holiday weather!