Monday, December 9, 2013

Mowing day

"he's getting close to my juuuuunk!"

"Free at last - tra lee, tra laa"

"Uh, you see him?  He's digging......  He's going to be in big trouble"

"He's trying to cover me with dirt, he's trying to bury me, I just know it....
We combed, washed, dried, combed and mowed the poodle today.    As a special treat, Pam and Vic offered to make dinner for us, how could we resist?    She's such a wonderful cook and it was soooo nice to sit and relax with friends over a spectacular dinner of fresh caught grouper.  

Oh, and the great Hibiscus Heist has begun at site 10.    Each day I go outside to find a new blossom on the table next to my chair.   Awwww.


  1. We just groomed Sally...what a mess!

    I just know dinner was yummy!

  2. Love the grooming episode! I've never had a dog I had to groom, looks like a whole other (awesome) way of connecting with your!

  3. That looks like quite the grooming job. I could handle Bear's grooming to a point and then we were off to a professional. Those Hibiscus blooms sure are beautiful. Wish I could smell them :-)

  4. You really had John laughing with "poor Lewis" as he put it. He is really feeling sorry for Lewis with all the abuse he takes in these posts...first the last one and now this one!

    You better get that dirt cleaned up before you get the boot!!!

    John said he is turning Dave in when we arrive. Dave is making him look real bad...haha!