Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Watery day

I have to admit that I feel a tiny bit guilty when I watch the weather in most of the rest of the country.   Sorry looks cold and icy/snowy or will be shortly and I'm just not loving that.    The only bad thing about the weather here now is that the dew is so heavy in the morning that the shoes we left outside next to the door are all wet. Oh, and the bitey bugs move in during sunset cocktails.   Awwww.

After lunch we took a drive around our old stomping grounds - Sarasota and Longboat Key.   As I mentioned before, we have mixed feelings here.    We're happy and loving it mostly, but sometimes its bittersweet remembering the wonderful times we enjoyed and realizing that they won't come again.   Sigh.    I'm not complaining, life is really good.   Hmmmm, I guess I was complaining, I'm sorry.   No more on that subject, I promise.

Some pictures of our day....

view of Sarasota Bay from Bayfront Park

wistful thinking

We parked the jeep and took a stroll down the long, curving sidewalk that wanders beside Sarasota Bay.  Bayfront Park has been home to a changing public art display as long as we've been coming to the area.    Below are some of the most current installations.


a close look reveals this huge sculpture was made of charred cross sections of Korean Big Cone Pine.

he watches over the Bay

framing a beautiful view

up close

We sat on a bench and just enjoyed the warm sun on our faces, watching the pelican's diving headfirst in the Bay to feed, the scrappy gulls trying to steal their hard won fish, the boats gliding by, people and their dogs strolling by.    So pleasant.

On our way back to Beluga we drove over the Ringling Causeway bridge, through St. Armand's Circle and onto Longboat Key.  At the end of Longboat we crossed a small draw bridge onto Anna Maria Island.   Longboat and Anna Maria are long, narrow sandbars, really.     Driving north, you see Sarasota Bay out the passenger side window and on the driver's side is the Gulf of Mexico.

clouds forming inland over Sarasota Bay

gull flying low over the Gulf

Tomorrow is supposed to tie the record high temperature.....can you say BEACH DAY!!!!


  1. You keep enjoying that beautiful weather. We had 80 here in Houston yesterday and today but all he-- breaks loose tomorrow. Good bye gorgeous weather...hello cold!

    I really like Bayfront Park. Looks like a lovely place to visit.

  2. I love the art installation on the bay. Will have to check it out on market day.

    I can relate to those bittersweet feelings about a special place. I had a strong wave of them this summer when we spent time in our old hometown. The memories there with my children bring the most nostalgia.

    BTW, it did rain the night before last so the dew isn't really that heavy. :>)

  3. The art displays are interesting... thanks for the up lose shots as well.

    I can say it.....BEACH DAY! Enjoy.

  4. Wow, those sculpture displays are interesting. I guess i know now why you have mixed feelings about the city, it is beautiful!

  5. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity, years ago, to experience just a glimpse of your lives at Longboat Key. Although it was a short time spent at Longboat Key we look back at that fabulous week and often strive to recreate that "vacation"!