Thursday, January 16, 2014

a day of rest

After our busy time yesterday we needed a day of rest, besides it was really cold outside.   I planned on staying indoors and reading all day, and I almost did that.      Dave was a bit more energetic than I, he took his normal brisk walk, then he took Lewis for another fairly long brisk walk.   Sasha had her final vet's appointment to have the staples removed.   The histopathy results were no surprise.

We both cleaned up the frantic mess we made outside last night (around 9 p.m.) while trying to unhook our outdoor lights and get the wildly flapping awning rolled up and secured.   I don't know where it came from, but a crazy wind suddenly blew up as we were watching Modern Family last night.  The big awning started heaving and flapping and we raced outside to find a strong, gusting wind spitting rain and pulling down palm fronds all around us.      The awning is staying put for awhile.    We're tired of late night, panic trips outside to secure things in the face of bad weather.   The pretty white lights will be stowed, the lit palm tree is in an inside window - we've had enough!

calm before the storm

We managed to do a few interesting (for us, that is) things in between reading and briskly walking....
We walked over to Pam and Vic's motorhome a couple of times to take care of their sweet Portuguese Water Dogs (Jetta and Rico) while they were at the Tampa RV show.   What cuties they are, and such fun dogs.    We also went to the nearby municipal golf course to hit a bucket of balls for the first time this year.    Dave wondered if he could still hold the club after his fall hand surgery, and was happy to find that he's officially ready to play.

see the nest on the right?

I spent way too much time, camera in hand, trying to capture the inhabitant of the large nest in this pine on the course.  

I just couldn't get a shot of her peering down at me, no matter how I tried

She teased me, again and again peeking over the side to steal a glance, then tucking back down just as I focused on her.   Ah well, it was a nicely constructed nest all the same.


  1. Awnings are great when the wind doesn't blow. We've had several of those scares. Glad you got everything in safely.

    Sorry no blog yet. Blogger is in a slump since things are real dull here.

  2. We had the same challenge with that crazy wind. Sure appreciate your help with our dogs today!

  3. Steve has been playing with the awning too, rain and wind just come by from nowhere just like that. Its Brrss here too.
    Love that orange sunset.

  4. We keep our awning stowed and only put it out when we need the occasional shade. We used to live in an area that always encountered a lot of wind so I think we just think wind automatically. That last shots a beauty. Oh, I can tell your poor dog is suffering....where's his blanket?