Monday, January 27, 2014

Two BCA's

Sunday - BC day to be sure.   Laundry, (semi exciting for us because we managed to score all three washers at once which is quite a coup!   Be still my beating heart) tried a new, healthy shrimp and grilled veggie recipe, watched golf and Downton Abbey.

Monday - BC day also.  Lewis has been acting a little "off" for the last few days, soft sneezes and not much interest in any of the 5 or 6 inside balls available for play.   He has been content to slouch on the chair and look out the windshield.    If it keeps up or gets worse, we'll have to make an appointment to check it out.

my boy Lew is just not his happy self today.

It was warm, overcast and a bit drizzly all day so I was especially happy to see Mr. David's A-1 Freightliner Service Mobile van pull up.   Although we had a mid afternoon appointment  he is a bit temperamental about his working conditions and occasionally balks at working in the rain.   I'm sure he just wants me to fuss over him a bit, but one never knows.

Mr. David packs up the old, dirty air filter.
He always cleans up his mess

After he installed Beluga's new air filter I invited him to stay for a cocktail and then left over dinner,  he agreed.   What a nice man.


  1. The shrimp and grilled veggies sounds yummy!
    I do hope Lewis is OK. He looks might handsome sitting there!
    I did notice all the pretty flowers on the picnic table!

  2. I really like Mr. David's overalls.

  3. Poor Lewis! He needs to get better, the treat lady is coming to visit Sat. He does look so cool sitting up there in the chair:)

    Good to see the weather didn't keep your man from his job!!

  4. So Dave brought his get dirty working clothes and he looks genuine as your A-1 Freightliner Service Mobile man.
    Lewis may be unhappy but he looks dang cute in his pose.