Wednesday, January 15, 2014

RV Show

Today we went to the Tampa RV Supershow at the Florida State Fairground's huge campus.  This is an enormous venue with over 1000 recreational vehicles on display and vendors hawking everything even remotely relevant to RV's.   Campgrounds showcasing their resorts, glue to stick things down while traveling down the road, outdoor mats, chairs, knives, rv parts, tire monitors, clothing, jewelry, cleaning liquids and applicators, ladders, insurance, loans, furniture, LED lights, tow bars, etc., etc., etc.    My head was spinning.   Too many people and too much noise.      I only took one picture inside the expo hall, because it was too good to ignore......

We spent most of our time at the show marveling at the variety of ways people choose to "get away from it all".    I took lots of pictures in the beginning, but tired myself out in about an hour, so here are some shots I managed while I still had energy and enthusiasm....

Dave admires his reflection in this Prevost's paint job

huge and complex

tiny and simple

the compact outdoor kitchen - a place for everything

a line of shiny Airstreams

Cindy P, we found the perfect 5th wheel for you and Walter.   This toy hauler could easily hold the horses in the rear and even give them a little "paddock" to stretch their legs, complete with fencing!
What more could you ask for?   Shall we have it delivered?
Toy Hauler with a back porch!

Dave finds another fan blade he designed in his "other life"


patiently waiting for his dad to come out of the 50th motorhome

It was a long day, and we were glad we went.   We found out that there wasn't anything in Tampa that we liked better than our old Beluga......a good thing, being satisfied.


  1. Sounds like an exhausting day. You must be relieved to be home now. Sue, that final pix is stunning. You sure have a good eye for these pictures. That fifth wheel would do it all, horses, dogs and us. Yep, order me one! Hope you give yourself a day off tomorrow.

  2. Every time we got to one of the those shows, we say the same thing. We are happy with what we have.

  3. Love Dave's smile while admiring his handy work. How neat to think you made that!

    Yes, we haven't been to a show and found anything we like better.

  4. Bagpipes? I guess they really do have everything at that show! :-)

  5. I'm under strict orders to stay away from all RV shows. Now and forever! Or else! Not sure what the of else is? Don't want to find out.

  6. Sounds like Quartzsite with a roof and an entrance fee! I have to be in the right mind set to "enjoy" either one :-).

  7. Oh, we almost went but decided against it. Too long of a drive and we know there won't be anything that we would like.