Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Follow up

Yesterday Judi thought Sasha's picture made her look like she was plastered and sleeping it off.  Well, here is how she looked at second cup this morning, still drunk?  What a character she is, comfort is all there is as far as she's concerned, she cares not how she looks.    We should all take a page from her book.

This afternoon Dave had his follow-up eye appointment.    Good news, the abrasion is healed and he needs no further treatment - Yes!    It was a very beautiful, albeit cold, day so when we left the Eye Specialists office we decided to just drive around and see what there was to see.   Its something we always enjoy doing in a new area.    We found ourselves on Palma Sola Causeway (Manatee Avenue/Route 64 and the beach along both sides of the road were completely empty.   I thought it would be a great place to give the dogs a bit of off leash exercise and convinced Dave we'd only be out in the cold wind for a few minutes.   Lewis and I played ball back and forth on the sand.  Dave and Sasha strolled along sniffing every inch of the sand and bordering grass.  After a few minutes of that she walked slowly but very deliberately into the cold water up to her neck, stood there for a minute and then turned and walked just as slowly back out - who knows what goes on in her little brain.

Back home we warmed up and I made steak fajitas for dinner.   We could hear the music coming from the pool deck, but it was just too warm and cozy in Beluga to venture out and socialize in the cold.

Last night I snuck outside around 9 and managed to get a picture of Flat Stanley with his eyes open.   Today I think I found out who he is....a Cuban Tree Frog.    I hope I'm wrong, however, because if he is, he's in big trouble.   Evidently Cuban Tree Frogs are an invasive species here and all the websites I consulted gave great detailed information about how to "humanely" kill him.   Urged me to kill him, humanely of course.   Don't touch him, they cautioned me, he'll give you itchy scratchies, make you sneeze, keep the dogs away from him.   Sheesh!      I hope he moves on because I certainly won't kill him.    Hmmmmm, or maybe I'll put him on our crabby neighbor's door step while he's listening to the music over at the pool.....shush, don't tell him it was me.


  1. Get rid of that frog before we get there. Or, at least make sure he stays on your side...haha!! Yuck. Can't wait to meet this neighbor!

    Glad to hear Dave is all right:)

    Sasha sure is good at relaxing!

  2. Oh boy, the neighbor now better watch out. Lewis godmother is arriving.
    Im sure Dave is happy his eyes are healing. I also have to go to the Urgent Care, my thumb hurts and clicks…diagnosis…. tendonitis. I am now wearing a thumb brace on my left hand.

  3. While at the RV Resort in Phoenix, we called our neighbor "Walter" because he reminded us of Jeff Dunham's puppet Walter..... Grouchy old f*rt. I think Mr. froggy would prefer Walter's place :-)