Monday, January 20, 2014


I usually try to post something each day, its easier for me to remember what we're doing that way.  My brain doesn't retain things after a few days and then doing the blog becomes a time consuming chore - no fun for me.   If its not fun, I'm not doing it at this stage of my life.

So, having said that, the reason I didn't post on Saturday was because there was absolutely nothing, not one single thing, to say or show you.    weather, bla bla bla, second cup inside or out, bla bla bla, Lewis playing ball, bla bla bla, Sasha snoozing in various places, bla bla bla, reading bla bla bla, dinner at home, bla bla bla....

Dave's eye continues to be pain free, and healing nicely.   From the moment the Eye doc. placed the medicine laden contact in it, the whole event  smoothed right down.  I put one eye drop in the left eye, twice a day and that's it!   He goes back on Wednesday afternoon for the contact removal and recheck, but we're expecting that it has healed completely.   Thanks for all your calls and emails, I didn't mean to worry you by staying silent.

I didn't post yesterday (Sunday) because we enjoyed a pleasant evening at Pam and Vic's that didn't get us home until late, and we went straight to bed. zzzzzzzz

After a couple nice phone conversations with Cindy P and JoAnn and a quick 9 holes at a local golf course,  we headed to the beach for a short walk before baking our contribution to Pam and Vic's dinner - a quick peach/coconut cobbler with whipped cream.

This is what beautiful Holmes Beach looked like yesterday afternoon.  Never mind the low, grey clouds, the scheduled beach renourishment was in full swing.   Lots of people were watching the activities.  

A huge barge sits off shore (I think I showed you a long distance picture of it as it was being towed past us at 3015 - our Christmas beach condo).   It sucks up sand and pumps it, via huge pipes, to the beaches where the sand is blown through a screened box (to catch all the larger, undesirable shells) and nicely leveled by laser/GPS directed bulldozers.   Phew!   If the weather was warmer, I think it would be interesting to set up our chairs and watch the process for awhile.

brrrr, I wouldn't want his job!

these diggers reminded us of a huge mutant crab on the beach

Later, when the cobbler came out of the oven we headed over to Pam and Vic's site to watch the SanFrancisco/Seattle game on their outside TV.

A sudden shower chased us inside but not before showing us this beautiful rainbow in the eastern sky.  I had a few better pictures of the double rainbow, but decided to use this one because it included a Sunnybrook 5th wheel that is close to the heart of one of my dearest friends....

No pictures of our delish meal, sorry.   We were way too busy chowing down on gooey ribs, sweet potato fries, cobbler and much wine to remember the camera.     After dinner we watched  more football and,  thanks to their TWO TV's,  some of us were able to watch Downton Abbey simultaneously.   Wonders never cease.

Rico and his mom, Jetta were perfect angels, as always.   Hard to get a picture of both of them sitting still at the same time though.   Perhaps next time you'll see Rico sitting still and Jetta being a silly girl...


  1. That's John's reason for not blogging lately...nothing going on most days buy basic life.

    I can't believe they choose the prime time for the beach to do this. They did the same thing two years ago.

    Glad you had a fun evening with Pam and Vic!

    Best of all, so glad to hear Dave's eye is better:)

  2. Glad Dave's eye is healing nicely!

    I love Downton Abbey...getting juicy.

  3. Fun to read about our time together. Our dogs, "perfect angels"--ha. Glad you think so. Thanks for the delicious cobbler. We are enjoying the last of it tonight.

  4. The cobbler sounds fantastic! You know the best recipes. Remember telling me how to make that tiny chocolate cake in a coffee mug. Hmmmm good.
    Lovely Sunnybrook picture...looking forward to more time in ours!
    I had no idea they "renourished the sand."
    Still pondering that cobbler.

  5. Interesting. Is that how they add or move sand on the beaches. Will they ever ran out of sand?
    Glad to hear Dave's eyes are getting better and finds his friends autobiography interesting.

  6. We had the same refurbishing so sand experience when we were in Panama City, FL a couple of years ago...the folks in charge of it were in our resort and it was interesting to hear them talk about all the places they had been to do their job.

    Peach cobbler...sounds yummy from a Georgia gal!

    So relieved to hear Dave's eye is healing and he has no pain!

    And glad you are enjoying the company of friends!