Friday, January 3, 2014

Let down day

photographing a sunrise is a rare occurrence for me
Second cup this morning took place at Tampa airport!   Judi was able to book a return flight before noon so we all shared coffee and goodies before she went through the security check and on to her gate.   She made it back to Buffalo with only a minor delay caused by a tardy First Officer.  Looks like lots of other travelers weren't so lucky.

So....after almost two weeks of wonderful company we find ourselves alone.   It was nice to see everyone, to spend time catching up, laughing, eating and visiting and now its nice to just kick back and prepare to do nothing.  Sort of a let down day.

Lewis is very gluey today.  Glued to our legs, sitting close and staring at us, leaning on our legs, gently asking for pets.    I think he misses Judi's near constant affection.

new additon to the Rorschach test?

I think we'll head to bed early tonight.   We didn't get much sleep last night, it was very very windy all night long and our awnings and slide toppers were banging away.   Dave put the large one in before bed, but we thought the window awnings would be fine.   In our half asleep state, the sound was disturbing but we couldn't seem to make ourselves get out of bed to bring them down.   Probably because it was also quite cold out last night.   Beluga was 55 degrees this morning when we threw off the covers at 6 a.m.     I know, I know, it was 5 degrees in Rochester, but this is Florida and its not supposed to be cold!

Christmas decorations all put away, time to start our winter's vacation!    But first, off to bed.  zzzzzzzz


  1. It does take something special to get us ip for those sunrises!

    And it was cold this morning. We have the heater going tonight. It never got higher than -4 at my mother's...guess I shouldn't complain.

    Enjoy your quiet, time to yourself again:)

  2. I was indoors too but kept telling myself, this is better than below zero. We are really spoiled...

  3. Every time I use our low temps in Texas as an excuse for staying home, I feel guilty knowing there are those who are experiencing truly miserable weather. But like you say, this far south, it's not supposed to be cold.

  4. Well, we made it to 44 this afternoon ....a genuine heatwave! With sunshine! But, only available for a limited time only. Heading back to subzero in a couple more days. But, the blue sky here was absolutely divine....and motivated all of us for various projects! Enjoy your "down time."

    It really pleases me to see a sunrise....especially when it's photographed by you! That is VERY special.