Sunday, January 26, 2014

the weekend

Friday was a pretty lazy day for us although we did get to a different beach and walk on different sand.  Yes, it was chilly so there was no sunbathing on this beach but we did enjoy ourselves.   We went to the tip of Ana Maria Island and walked on the historic Ana Maria Pier out into Tampa Bay.  In the distance we could see the  huge, yellow Sunshine Skyway Bridge caught in a beam of sunlight.

see the bridge spires in the distance to the left of the pier?

Don't the the sunny skies in these pictures fool you.    The pier is very long and about halfway out we wondered why we (I) had decided to do this.   The wind was whipping and cut right through your clothing.  Invigorating, right?  Yea, that's right "invigorating"....

There were a few other hearty souls out at the end with us.   A couple of French speaking tourists and a few die hard fishermen.   One guy caught two small hammerhead sharks in a row.    Or perhaps it was the same one, either stupid or really greedy.  

One good thing about all these fronts racing across Florida is that they bring really interesting clouds to show us.   Always look for the good I say.

Saturday we accompanied Pam and Vic into St. Armands Circle and strolled around the St. Armands Art Festival.   I was surprised at how large it was, the entire center circle was packed with white tents and each "arm" of the circle was filled also.   Really lovely and unique things for sale, one of a kind jewelry, paintings, fiber art, not your mama's decoupage, wood carvings and furniture large and small, metal sculptures and plenty of whimsical offerings to make me laugh.

There will be no pictures of the art festival, however.   I was soundly chastised for trying to show you some of the more unusual furniture, so too bad for him - there will be no free advertising from me.

Well, I did take one picture.    I couldn't resist.  This guy is either very secure in his manhood, or maybe not....what do you think?

the girls

After a few hours of walking and looking, walking and looking, we all felt the need to whet our whistle, so to speak.   We left the busy circle and headed back to Longboat Key and the Dry Dock Restaurant for a glass of wine (etc.) by the calm, still bay.   Ahhhh, that's better.

We were early for the in-season dinner crowd so we were able to sit right at the edge of the water and enjoy the view and warmth of the outdoor heaters.    We did have some company, but they were quiet.

Later on we had a lite dinner at Euphemia Hayes' upstairs bar and dessert room, the Haye Loft.   Another lovely day - thanks Pam and Vic.


  1. Yes, the blue skies are making it look like a warm FL day...not! We almost froze at the Edison House. That wind was really cold.

    I can't wait to get back to St. Armand's Circle. My two favorite shops are there...The Tea and Spice Exchange and the Olive Oil Shop!!

    Sounds like a perfect day with Pam and Vic:)

  2. Those are some fabulous photos.

  3. I sure hope the weather warms up for all of you soon! The pier is beautiful!
    It's fun meeting up with old glad you had a fun time with John and Pam! Love the pictures of the birds! I miss seeing them!

  4. You sure have a good eye for taking photos as I saw some of the same vistas but missed these artistic shots. Really lovely.

    We enjoyed our Saturday adventure with you.

  5. Ha ha yep, that guy is really secure no doubt about it.Great captures of those clouds!
    Looked like you have a fun weekend as well with Pam and Vic,. And we had fun with Pam and John.
    Then our neighbors behind us is also a John and Pam from Quebec.